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Can Too Swim FAQ

Thursday, 7th Nov 24

Let us answer your questions about joining the Can Too Swim program.

Benefits of Swimming

Friday, 16th Feb 24

Read the 5 reasons why you should swim

Clothes Swap Fundraiser

Thursday, 1st Feb 24

The Michael and Joan Tallis Endowment

Thursday, 25th Jan 24

Shark Island Beach Goal Event

Wednesday, 24th Jan 24

North Bondi Beach Goal Event

Wednesday, 24th Jan 24

A Message from our Board Chair

Wednesday, 17th Jan 24

Palm Beach Goal Event

Monday, 15th Jan 24

CanToo's New Logo

Tuesday, 9th Jan 24

Surf Ski Email Template

Tuesday, 2nd Jan 24

Mooloolaba Weekend Schedule

Thursday, 21st Dec 23

Ocean Swimming Safety Procedures

Friday, 15th Dec 23

Email Templates

Wednesday, 13th Dec 23

Stomach Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Awa...

Monday, 20th Nov 23

National Coaches Day with Can Too Coach ...

Friday, 6th Oct 23

Why running? Running really is something I have always done and always enjoyed. I can’t imagine ‘not’ running. I started little Athletics at 5 years old and never really stopped. Growing up in the country that many years ago there wasn’t much else to do.

Understanding Resistance to Cancer Treat...

Monday, 11th Sep 23

Higher Cardiorespiratory Fitness Levels ...

Monday, 17th Jul 23

The Importance of the Tumour Microenviro...

Friday, 12th May 23

Jackie’s Story

Monday, 1st May 23

In memory of Peter Signorelli

Wednesday, 19th Apr 23

It is with great sadness that we inform you that a valued Life Member of the Can Too Community sadly lost his battle with cancer.

The link between hormones and exercise a...

Friday, 14th Apr 23

March is Myeloma Awareness Month

Tuesday, 28th Mar 23

Recognising cancer researchers on Rare D...

Tuesday, 28th Feb 23

Can Too shines a light on Dr Holly Holli...

Saturday, 11th Feb 23

Can Too shines a light on Dr Holly Holliday on International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Can Too Coach Sally Lynch

Sunday, 1st Jan 23

Why running? Running really is something I have always done and always enjoyed. I can’t imagine ‘not’ running. I started little Athletics at 5 years old and never really stopped. Growing up in the country that many years ago there wasn’t much else to do.

Flowers Across Sydney Givr Charity Progr...

Tuesday, 25th Oct 22

Meet Healthfix

Thursday, 18th Aug 22

North Sydney's Most Trusted Health Club and Gym is Healthfix

Olympian Rob Woodhouse makes history wit...

Tuesday, 16th Aug 22

Rob Woodhouse becomes the first Australian Olympic medalist to successfully complete a solo crossing of the English Channel, while raising funds for Can Too.

Grant and Lizzie try not to get wrecked ...

Monday, 8th Aug 22

Grant Campbell and Lizzie Crowhurst take on the 20km Great Keppel Island swim.

Protect Yourself This Winter

Thursday, 14th Jul 22

Five helpful tips to protect you this winter...

Olympian Rob Woodhouse takes on the Engl...

Friday, 1st Jul 22

How Pod Sponsorship can turn $1 into $3

Friday, 17th Jun 22

This unique model results in the $10,000 Pod Sponsor investment being leveraged through participant fundraising to become $30-100,000 for cancer research.

My Gratitude to you: Palm2Shelly Ultra-M...

Monday, 9th May 22

What Is A Niggle vs An Injury?

Sunday, 1st May 22

New CEO and $25M Fundraised By Can Too F...

Friday, 29th Apr 22

Announcement of Can Too's new CEO, Paul Rose, and $25M milestone

Can Too Foundation reaches milestone fun...

Thursday, 28th Apr 22

Front page article in The Leader newspaper 28 April 2022

The Importance of Regular Skin Cancer Ch...

Tuesday, 26th Apr 22

Many of us are guilty of neglecting our regular health check-ups, especially for our largest organ - our skin. Skin cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Australia each year and the number of cases rise every year.

Congratulations Balmoral 5km Swimmers

Thursday, 14th Apr 22

Congratulations Balmoral 5km Swimmers!

Looking After Your Heart Health

Friday, 8th Apr 22

Following the shock news of Shane Warne’s passing in March 2022, Australians are now facing the harsh reality that heart disease can affect anybody.

Congratulations to Can Too Funded Resear...

Tuesday, 5th Apr 22

Professor Susan Ramus was recently awarded the Elizabeth Blackburn Investigator Grant Award from the NHMRC for her research work in ovarian cancer.

#WhyChooseCanToo Competition

Monday, 21st Mar 22

Win one of three donations to your Can Too fundraising page!

Why your donation matters - with Dr Emmy...

Wednesday, 2nd Mar 22

Dr Emmy Fleuren – a recipient of a Can Too Emerging Research Leader Program Grant shares the outcomes and impact of this funding with Can Too.

5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Monday, 28th Feb 22

If you’re someone who loses motivation to exercise easily or who can’t seem to find time to exercise consistently, you’re not alone

Spotlight on Coach Gordon Spence

Wednesday, 16th Feb 22

Don't be afraid to follow your passions in life. Continue reading to find out what Gordon Spence has done...

How you CAN TOO conquer a half marathon

Tuesday, 8th Feb 22

The first thing to keep in mind when building up to a half marathon distance is to not do it too quickly, says Can Too coach James Constantine.

A quick guide on strength exercises you ...

Tuesday, 1st Feb 22

See our guide to exercises you can easily do at home. They will help keep you focused AND improve your fitness!

A Beginner's Guide To Blackmores Half Ma...

Tuesday, 1st Feb 22

Since 2005, Can Too has trained thousands of participants just like you for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

Running tip of the week

Monday, 31st Jan 22

Running Technique tip Run like a ski jumper. Running is a controlled fall. 

Strength And Conditioning Tips For Runne...

Monday, 31st Jan 22

Can Too Coach Catherine Bolshesolsky shares strength exercises to keep in top shape for running.

7 Training Tips For Your First Half Mara...

Friday, 31st Dec 21

Training for a half marathon – whether it’s your first or your tenth – is as much about the mind as it is about the body. #1. You’re (Probably) Not Running Slow Enough Lots of people end up hating distance running because they go out too hard and too fast. When training for your first half marathon, you need to learn to run slowly, and that’s slower than you might think.

Take on the I Can Too Challenge and you ...

Tuesday, 16th Nov 21

Share your Can Too journey to achieve your goal on Instagram and Facebook and you can win.

Boost your fundraising with a Can Too Fa...

Monday, 8th Nov 21

We have a great range of Can Too Facebook profile frames to help you promote your fitness and fundraising with your Facebook friends.

5 Tips to Reduce Fear of the Ocean

Wednesday, 27th Oct 21

If you’re scared of breaking waves or feel nervous swimming in the ocean, you’re not alone.


Thursday, 21st Oct 21

Millet is a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates! It is actually a seed as opposed to a grain, has the texture of couscous and because it doesn’t contain wheat or gluten, it is usually much easier on our digestive system. This recipe is also great the next day so think about doing a double batch at dinner and taking some for lunch the next day.

Rebecca Warren's Top 5 Nutrition Tips fo...

Monday, 13th Sep 21

As a previous participant and big-time Can Too supporter, I have designed these nutrition tips to help you along your Can Too journey.

12 Ways Can Too Boosts My Mental Health.

Wednesday, 18th Aug 21

Can Too devotee Michelle Nemec shares how she has benefitted from Can Too, especially when times are tough it allows her to defiantly not give in to grief.

6 Lockdown Running Tips From Melinda Gai...

Wednesday, 18th Aug 21

As the mood dips and temptation to take your foot off the exercise pedal increases, Can Too Ambassador and former Australian Olympic sprinter Melinda Gainsford-Taylor says it’s the ideal opportunity to combine your fitness goal with finding a cure for cancer.

Our gift to you – a free virtual 4-wee...

Wednesday, 4th Aug 21

This free, virtual READY TO RUN 4km program is our gift to you!

Free exercise, mental health and wellbei...

Sunday, 18th Jul 21

We want to make sure that you have resources and advice on how to keep well and active plus where you can find support and keep connected, during these uncertain times with the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Please see a range of free exercise, mental health and wellbeing resources to help during lockdown

Spotlight on Can Tooer Lia Zalum

Wednesday, 7th Jul 21

Lia shares how she felt grateful to be able to complete the half marathon at the 2021 Barossa Marathon Festival with Can Too. She describes that special feeling of pushing through the hard stuff and making it over the finish line in spite of the pain along the way, especially after her initial goal the London Marathon was cancelled due to COVID.

Spotlight on Can Too running Coach Cathe...

Thursday, 1st Jul 21

Catherine Bolshesolsky is a running coach for Can Too’s Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 10km program. Find out more about her including her advice on how you Can Too run 10km and experience the joy of running.

Spotlight on Can Too Hall of Famer, Le...

Thursday, 1st Jul 21

Spotlight on Can Too Hall of Famer and first-time participant, Marathon runner Leanne Bourke.

Siobhan gets more than just the runners ...

Tuesday, 22nd Jun 21

Siobhan Komander’s Can Too journey started when she was recovering from lifesaving surgery to remove a brain haemorrhage. She went on to become a half marathon runner which led her on a path to rediscovery.

Vice goes Beyond

Thursday, 17th Jun 21

Vice Hazdovac went 'Beyond', to run 165km over 24 hours to raise funds for Can Too in the Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra. Not only that she placed 3rd female overall in the 24 hour ultra run, completing 412 laps of the 400m track!

Check out our Fundraising Resource for t...

Thursday, 17th Jun 21

We've got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you meet your fundraising commitment. Check them out in our updated fundraising resource.

Spotlight on Can Too Coach Mitch Dwyer

Friday, 4th Jun 21

Why do you love running? For me running is a fun and adventurous exercise to be enjoyed with friends. It is a way to improve my health and fitness, whether I hit the road or the trails, I love the free feeling and always finish a run with a sense of accomplishment. Running provides me with a clear mind, a healthy heart.

Can Too's marathon weekend of running fr...

Friday, 4th Jun 21

Thank you to the 115 Can Tooers who painted South Australia’s Barossa Valley and Sydney’s Pyrmont orange on the weekend to raise, so far, $139, 864 to fund cancer research and prevention.

EOFY – the best time for giving

Friday, 4th Jun 21

The End of the Financial Year (EOFY) is fast approaching on 30 June. So it's the ideal time to reach out to your networks for a donation. If you’re not registered in a Can Too program you can save donations for future goals.

Let's talk about your occupation... and ...

Tuesday, 1st Jun 21

Cancer from occupational exposure can occur due to prolonged exposure to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) particles within the workplace. As avoiding certain occupations to prevent cancer is a very extreme measure to take and can be quite impossible for some, it is important for these workers to be able to protect themselves properly within the workplace and to conduct regular health check-ups following possible exposure, and in general to keep up with one’s health within a particularly high-exposure environment.

Let’s talk about knowing your body… ...

Tuesday, 1st Jun 21

Early detection is one of the most effective ways to prevent cancer from progressing to a more serious stage and improving survival. The best way is to proactively know your body and be able to notice changes.

Can Too Coach Matt Joyce’s Recovery ti...

Friday, 28th May 21

Can Too Coach Matt Joyce shares his post-run recovery tips including, hydration, nutrition, sleep, ice and cooling.

Annie’s dreams came true with Can Too

Thursday, 20th May 21

Annie Kenyon saw her Can Too dreams come true by making it onto the podium in her first Can Too goal event – the Sydney Harbour Splash. Find out what led her on her Can Too journey.

400m To 42km – a First-Time Marathoner...

Tuesday, 11th May 21

Melinda Gainsford-Taylor celebrated years of accolades as an elite sprinter – competing at Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Championships – before retiring in 2002. When she decided to train for her first marathon, she turned to Can Too to get her across the line at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

Dreams do come true

Thursday, 6th May 21

Congratulations to the 145 Can Tooers who realised their dreams of completing an ocean swim at the 2021 Sydney Harbour Splash, the 1 and 2km goal event of the Autumn Swim Program. The school of swimmers also excelled in their fundraising efforts to raise $135,000 for cancer research which is more than $30,000 over the original amount pledged.

Bumper weekend of Can Too swims

Friday, 23rd Apr 21

Thank you to the over 60 Can Tooers who conquered the 2021 Balmoral Swim for Cancer and Cooly Classic ocean swims on Sunday to raise over $50,000 for Australian cancer research.

I Can Too give back at the Blackmores Ru...

Monday, 12th Apr 21

People join and stay with the Can Too Foundation for different reasons, often for the winning combination of the health and fitness benefits, having a goal to strive for, the social aspect and supporting cancer research and prevention. For Can Too Mentor, Jill Chambers who knows what it’s like to have cancer, giving back is the main drawcard.

6 Running Tips From Melinda Gainsford-Ta...

Wednesday, 7th Apr 21

As the mercury dips and temptation to take your foot off the exercise pedal increases, Can Too Ambassador and former Australian Olympic sprinter Melinda Gainsford-Taylor says it’s the ideal opportunity to combine your fitness goal with finding a cure for cancer.

Spotlight on Can Too Hall of Famer Chris...

Tuesday, 30th Mar 21

This is the first in a series of spotlights on our Can Too Hall of Famers. Christine Napier is a cancer researcher that was funded by Can Too and has since become a loyal Can Tooer, Find out more about how Can Too inspires her to discover why cancer cells are immortal and how the Foundation led her to discover her happy place

Share your Hall of Fame achievement with...

Friday, 26th Mar 21

Congratulations on becoming a Can Too Hall of Famer. To share your achievement and support your fundraising you can upload a Can Too Hall of Fame Profile Picture Frame to your Facebook account.

Thank you to our latest Hall of Famers

Thursday, 25th Mar 21

Thank you to our latest inductees into the Can Too Hall of Fame – our most loyal fundraisers for their dedication to cancer research and prevention.

Can Tooers celebrate their love of ocean...

Friday, 19th Feb 21

Congratulations to the approximately 200 Can Too swimmers who conquered the 2021 North Bondi Classic on Sunday, to raise over $408,000 for Australian cancer research.

Julia shares the Can Too love on Valenti...

Thursday, 18th Feb 21

Congratulations to ‘JK Swims 1K’ aka Julia Kostenyuk for winning the final instalment of the Post Your Pics to win competition.

Cancer Researcher dives into Can Too’s...

Thursday, 11th Feb 21

The Can Too funded cancer researcher Dr Emmy Fleuren will be swapping her lab coat for a beach towel as she joins the Can Too Autumn swim Program as a participant and ambassador.

Can Tooers sail home to victory at the 2...

Tuesday, 2nd Feb 21

Congratulations to the 250 Can Too swimmers who conquered the 2021 Big Swim and Little Big Swim at Palm and Whale Beach on Sunday, to raise over $300, 000 for Australian cancer research.

Thank you to our latest Hall of Famers

Thursday, 28th Jan 21

Thank you to our latest inductees into the Can Too Hall of Fame – our most loyal fundraisers for their dedication to cancer research and prevention.

My son’s cancer diagnosis changed my l...

Friday, 22nd Jan 21

Teue Collier started 2021 on a positive note by achieving a bucket list goal to run a marathon. This was in stark contrast to last year when her son, Orson, underwent intensive treatment for Leukaemia, which saw her family virtually moving into a hospital ward.

Cooly Classic swimmer thanks Can Too for...

Wednesday, 20th Jan 21

Before joining Can Too in 2014, Leigh Elliott went through a rough time with the breakup of a long-term relationship, leaving her to bring up her 13-year old on her own. It was a struggle, financially and emotionally. She was diagnosed with depression and was put on anti-depressants, which she was able to later wean herself off and bounce back with Can Too.

Can Tooers shine bright at the Run into ...

Thursday, 14th Jan 21

Thank you to the 85 Run into Summer participants for shining brightly to complete their running goals, from a 10km to a marathon, last weekend. The Can Too programs raised over $50,000 for Australian cancer research.

Can Too’s CEO goes beyond

Thursday, 10th Dec 20

Whilst many people for their 40th birthday organise a party, a special dinner with loved ones or head to the pub, Can Too Foundation CEO, Peter McLean, decided to run a solo marathon in summer and raise money for cancer research.

Can Too triumphs at the GC50

Thursday, 10th Dec 20

Can Too’s Run into Summer – Brisbane participants triumphed on Sunday to complete their goal event the GC50 15km run at the Gold Coast.

Thank you Anne Massey

Friday, 4th Dec 20

Thank you to Can Too Foundation's former Chair, Anne Massey, who stepped down from her role leading the board on Tuesday. Can Too Founder, Annie Crawford expressed her sincere gratitude to outgoing Chair, Anne Massey for her incredible contribution to the Can Too Foundation over 10 years, as a participant, Mentor, Team Captain, Champion, Committee member, Director and finally as Chair.

Can Tooers beat Olympic swimmers and can...

Friday, 4th Dec 20

Beating an Olympic athlete in the pool is only a pipe dream for most swimmers no matter how much they follow the black line. However, for a selection of Can Tooers this fantasy came true this week, at the ‘Monthly Swimmers’ vs Can Too handicapped relay race, on Wednesday evening.

Hall of Fame Honour Board

Friday, 4th Dec 20

Congratulations to our latest crop of Hall of Famers. Welcome to the Hall of Fame Honour Board

Siobhan hits it out of the park

Thursday, 26th Nov 20


Thursday, 19th Nov 20

Yay you’ve done it! Signed up for your first Can Too run! Well done! You’ve got your training plan and some cute new gear but what about all those gels that “runners” talk about? Do you really need them? Developing a strategic nutrition plan is essential for running your best race

Dive in. The water’s fine

Thursday, 19th Nov 20

Can Too’s Learn to Ocean Swim program is going swimmingly with over 380 swimmers taking part. The program is expected to raise around $350,000, which will fund at least three cancer researchers.

Congratulations to our Hall of Famers of...

Friday, 6th Nov 20

Congratulations to our Hall of Famers of the Month

Spotlight on Can Too Coach 'Mean Machine...

Thursday, 29th Oct 20

Learn ocean swim tips from Commonwealth Games dual gold medalist and former Captain of the Australian Swimming team, Matt Renshaw.

Swim programs are now open: it’s time ...

Thursday, 22nd Oct 20

Judy Mort signed up to her first Can Too Learn to Ocean Swim program at Port Macquarie last summer. Everything was going swimmingly until, at the deep end of the program a couple of weeks away from the ocean swim goal event, the program was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, when the opportunity came up again to join the Ocean Swim program with Can Too Foundation, she dived in and registered straight away.

The Incredible Casey Kids go Beyond to s...

Friday, 16th Oct 20

Congratulations to the Casey family for blowing their Can Too Beyond program fundraising goal out of the water. The sibling’s target was to raise $10,000 for cancer research by swimming 27km – the length of the Northern Beaches.

Why I love my Campbelltown Pod - my exte...

Thursday, 15th Oct 20

Craig Dwyer found the support he received from Can Too to like being welcomed into a family.

Let's talk about sugary drinks... and ca...

Monday, 12th Oct 20

About half of Australian children drink sugary drinks every day. And, 17% of teenagers consume > 5.2kg of sugar each year from sugary drinks alone. Targeted marketing, widespread availability and discounting are thought to be the drivers of this consumption which can set kids up for a lifetime of health problems.

How training for an ocean swim with Can ...

Thursday, 24th Sep 20

How training for an ocean swim with Can Too saved my life

I Can Too Because

Tuesday, 22nd Sep 20

Can Too devotee Dr Nisha Sachdev has hiked, swum and run marathons to raise over $16,000 for the Can Too Foundation since February 2018. In 2019 she has climbed to the rooftop of Africa – conquering Mount Kilimanjaro and ran the New York Marathon as well as conquering The Big Swim in January 2020 with Can Too.

You did it – you ran into spring and t...

Monday, 21st Sep 20

Thank you to the over 150 Can Tooers who completed their Run into Spring program. Congratulations on achieving your running goal, from 10 to 21km, raising nearly $108, 000 for cancer research and turning what has been a challenging year to one of pride and achievement.

Casey family to swim the length of North...

Wednesday, 16th Sep 20

The Casey family siblings are diving in to honour their father’s legacy by swimming 27km on 26 September to raise money for the Can Too Foundation to benefit cancer research.

I swim therefore I am

Monday, 14th Sep 20

Can Too participant Lindsay Asquith is now a swimming convert. She overcame her fear of drowning from witnessing the destructive force of the ocean in the 2004 Tsunami.

Congratulations to our Tall Poppy Dr Fer...

Wednesday, 9th Sep 20

Congratulations to Can Too funded researcher, Dr Fernando Fonseca Guimaraes for becoming a Young Tall Poppy Award winner.

Let’s talk about red meat… and cance...

Wednesday, 9th Sep 20

Red meat has been classified as a Group 2A carcinogen - which means it probably causes cancer but the evidence is limited. While red meat is a good source of zinc, B12, iron and protein, you can get the same amounts — and in some cases even more — from poultry, fish, eggs, and nuts, or by following a plant-based diet.

I Can Too conquer the fear of the unknow...

Wednesday, 9th Sep 20

This is my second session in the water, and I’ve made two whole laps – 100 metres – before gasping in the shallow end and preparing to do it again. In fourteen weeks, laughable at this point, I’m going to swim two kilometres in open water

Let’s talk about cancer prevention… ...

Tuesday, 8th Sep 20

Nicotine reaches your brain within 10 seconds of when it enters your body. It causes the brain to release dopamine, and that creates a buzz of pleasure and energy. Repeated exposure also sets up a dependence and withdrawal response in the body. So how many cigarettes are too many? And what about e-cigarettes?

Celebrating Can Too’s highest fundrais...

Thursday, 3rd Sep 20

Thank you to Margaret-Anne Hayes our highest fundraiser who has raised over $250,000 for cancer research. Margaret’s most outrageous way to raise funds for Can Too was to face her greatest fear of heights to jump out of a plane not once but twice when she was in her 70s.

You Can Too achieve 21k’s in 3 days

Monday, 31st Aug 20

Can Too Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our first Virtual Challenge. Your goal is to achieve 21k’s in 3 days.

Let’s talk about sleep… and cancer p...

Wednesday, 26th Aug 20

Humans are the only mammal that willingly delay sleep. And, our most popular drug is caffeine! How does this affect our physical and mental health?

Does your trail run training session hav...

Wednesday, 26th Aug 20

As a coach, the one fundamental principle I look to communicate to athletes is that of purpose. Purpose is something every training plan should be built upon and consistently referenced week to week. A training plan full of sessions with no specific purpose is like a complex cake recipe with no set order. The end result may look something like a cake, but the details and intricacies you come to expect are either non-existent or add no value to the overall piece.

Let’s talk about sedentary behaviour...

Tuesday, 25th Aug 20

Even among physically active people, a lifestyle that includes long periods of sedentary behaviour is associated with increased incidence of cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. So how much sitting is too much?

Trail Running Strengthens the Body and M...

Tuesday, 25th Aug 20

Trail running combines work, rest and play. Can Too running coach and trail running addict, John Doughty explains how running in nature under tree canopies with the accompanying soundtrack of birds allows your mind to have a rest.

Can Too Ambassador AFL Player Nicola Bar...

Friday, 21st Aug 20

The Can Too Foundation is pleased to welcome GWS GIANT AFL Player Nicola Barr as our newest Ambassador. Nicola shares her tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spotlight on Can Too running coach Tim L...

Thursday, 20th Aug 20

Where do your fundraising dollars go?

Thursday, 20th Aug 20

This has been a challenging year for all of us, particularly those directly affected by bushfires, floods and the COVID 19 pandemic. Lives have been lost, the health of many has been threatened, and many jobs and businesses have ceased or are under threat. What we are experiencing is placing immense pressure on well-being, health and finances across the community.

Spotlight on Can Too Running Coach Betha...

Friday, 14th Aug 20

Our Trail and Road Running Coach Beth started Can Too as a non-runner, in 2010. She went on to fall in love with running endurance events and turned her passion into a career to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Maple Miso Glazed Chicken with Veggies

Thursday, 13th Aug 20

Maple Miso Glazed Chicken with Veggies Created by Tamara Madden Mad on Nutrition

Events may be the cherry, but they’re ...

Friday, 7th Aug 20

When you’re training hard to complete a running goal you would think that the event being postponed would be a dampener on your spirits and motivation. However, Can Too’s Northern Beaches Pod have embraced the opportunity to run together to complete their own goal event.

Can Too Coach Jaryd Grantham’s running...

Friday, 31st Jul 20

Jaryd Grantham, Exercise physiologist and Can Too Coach for the GC50 Brisbane Pod, advice on how to keep motivated is to remember that it’s the journey before the destination.

Run training Covid safety tips

Friday, 24th Jul 20

We all know, by now, the importance of good hygiene and maintaining physical distance from each other at all times, including before and after a training session. By doing these two simple things, we can help to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

A guide on where to find support and way...

Thursday, 23rd Jul 20

We want to make sure that you know where you can find support, during these uncertain times with the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Please see a range of mental health support services available 24 hours 7 days a week. And ways you can care for your mental health.

Last chance to get naming rights on KG...

Friday, 17th Jul 20

Can Too Champion and Community Spirt Award winner, Kieran Gallagher is diving in to celebrate turning 50. Whilst people often celebrate their 50th birthdays with a night out, a holiday or a decadent meal he set himself a Can Too Beyond goal of swimming 50km over 50 days to raise money for Can Too.

Let's talk about infections... and cance...

Thursday, 16th Jul 20

No one wants to talk about cancer of the external genitalia. Luckily there are a few simple practices to reduce your risk.

Let's talk about visceral fat... and can...

Monday, 13th Jul 20

Visceral fat is fat stored around our organs. It produces more chemicals than subcutaneous (under the skin) fat, which is why it’s termed ‘toxic fat’. The excess chemicals may lead to abnormal cell division, making 13 types of cancer more likely to grow. Visceral fat also increases risk of Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and many other conditions.

Annie Crawford: My Letter To 24 Year-Old...

Friday, 10th Jul 20

Dear Annie, I’m writing to you from the future. I want to let you know that everything will be more than OK. I promise you’ll overcome fears and you’ll even learn to enjoy things that currently cripple you with fear.

Let's talk about second (and third) hand...

Wednesday, 8th Jul 20

There are 16 cancers that can be caused by second hand (or passive) smoking. Every cigarette contains 7,000 chemicals that enter the lungs and spread to other parts of the body. 69 of these are known carcinogens. All of these carcinogens exist in second hand smoke.

Let’s talk about alcohol… and cancer...

Thursday, 2nd Jul 20

On a per capita basis, Australians clearly enjoy a drink – ranking in the top 30 nations for consumption. But how much should I drink to maintain health?

Summer Training Program

Wednesday, 1st Jul 20

Summer Training Program With restrictions easing and the sun coming out, there has never been a better time to start a summer training program. Whether you like running, swimming or even both, there is just something so brilliant by getting out, enjoying the warm weather and getting fit all at the same time. With Can Too Foundation, we know that it can be a little bit hard to shake off that winter stiffness but we have a range of training programs to help you get back into it. We train participants for a multitude of run and swim events so we are sure to have a training program what will suit you and get you fitter and healthier than ever. The best thing about training with us for an event? Not only are you doing something great for yourself and your health but you always have the opportunity to raise some much-needed funds for cancer research. From one-kilometre swims, half marathons and even run to swim events, there are plenty of opportunities and incentives to get training for. Check out our events and get in contact with us so we can help you with a summer training program that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, while raising money for a good cause.

Let’s talk about fruit and veg… and ...

Wednesday, 1st Jul 20

Fruit and veg are thought to help protect against cancer both directly through a combination of nutrients which form anti-cancer agents, and indirectly by helping to maintain a healthy body weight. Fruit and veg are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals, which help to protect your body against cancer. They are also rich in nutrients and low in kilojoules and are therefore great food choices if you’re trying to maintain or lose weight.

Let’s talk about your skin... and canc...

Wednesday, 1st Jul 20

Overexposure to UV radiation causes more than 95% of skin cancers. Many people believe that if you have a skin cancer removed, it’s gone, however secondary cancers can form in your bones, your lungs, your heart or your head. While it’s important to have skin cancers surgically removed early, preventing them from occurring is vastly preferable. Another common misconception is that we need exposure to the sun to get the Vitamin D we need for good health, however incidental exposure outside of peak UV periods is sufficient for most people to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels.

Let’s talk about processed meat… and...

Monday, 29th Jun 20

Let’s be clear - smoking is more likely to result in cancer than eating processed meat such as frankfurts, bacon, salami and ham, however there is strong evidence that both cause cancer in humans. Processing enhances flavour and preservation through the addition of preservatives (salt, nitrite or smoke) and/or other additives (phosphate, glutamate or ascorbic acid).

Let’s talk about your bowel… and can...

Wednesday, 24th Jun 20

Bowel cancer is the second deadliest cancer, killing more Australians than breast cancer and melanoma, but isn’t as widely talked about. By joining a Can Too program you’ll make one of the best decisions for reducing your risk of bowel cancer but don’t stop there.

Let’s talk about exercise… and cance...

Monday, 22nd Jun 20

By joining a Can Too program you’ve already made one of the best decisions for reducing your risk of breast, lung, liver and bowel cancer.  When it comes to keeping cancer at bay, exercise will be your trident; three prongs of active prevention. 

Track Talk – a Beginner's Guide to Run...

Monday, 15th Jun 20

Learning how to run may sound pretty simple and with the help of our experienced, qualified Coaches — it is! Sometimes, however all the track talk can be a little confusing — especially if you’re new to running. To help you understand run jargon, we’ve put together a list of running definitions our Coaches use, so next time your Coach tells you to Kick, you don’t bruise any shins or egos. 

Discover what drives Can Too Ambassador,...

Friday, 12th Jun 20

You can join our Can Too Ambassador, Heather Hawkins, an ultra-marathon champion and ovarian cancer survivor to Run into Spring.

Can Too are running into spring

Friday, 12th Jun 20

The great news is that from this Saturday 13 June Can Tooers can meet up for face-to-face training in groups up to 20.

Peanut Butter & Cacao Cookies

Tuesday, 2nd Jun 20

I want to grow up in a cancer-free world

Monday, 1st Jun 20

Sadly Cancer is a major cause of illness in Australia — there are over 1 million people in Australia who are either living with or have lived with cancer. Your fundraising will benefit 11 cancer researchers this year who are committed to finding better ways of treating and preventing cancer.

Annie’s Gratitude Challenge – what a...

Thursday, 21st May 20

Can Too Founder Annie Crawford remined me recently during a virtual staff meeting of the transformative power of gratitude.

Together we Can Too achieve goals that o...

Tuesday, 19th May 20

Together we Can Too achieve goals that once seemed impossible with the Great Australian Cross Country Challenge

7 ways you Can Too keep your employees m...

Wednesday, 13th May 20

During these difficult times where workplaces are increasingly fragmented and individuals are faced with unprecedented social isolation, it has never been more important to focus on employees’ physical and mental health.

Rebecca's Healthier Nut & Seed Muesli Ba...

Friday, 1st May 20

A healthier version than what you’d find in the supermarket, but does still contain some sugar. In small amounts our body shouldn’t have a problem converting sugar to energy especially since it’s well balanced with healthy fats and protein from the nuts and seeds.

The Can Too Community Spirit Awards

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Thank you for celebrating our stars amongst stars The Can Too Community Spirit Awards full list of recipients and nominees

Why I Can Too By Kieran Gallagher

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Find out what inspired Kieran to be part of Can Too.

Our Strength and Cardio Virtual Program ...

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Our Strength and Cardio Virtual Program Pod 3 is now open.

Vegetable Frittata

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Spotlight on Can Too Coach Beth Croft

Monday, 27th Apr 20

Find out more about our Strength and Cardio Virtual program Coach Beth Croft

Message from Can Too CEO Peter McLean

Friday, 24th Apr 20

I would like to share with you how the Can Too Foundation is responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. To update you on how we're supporting you, our community to keep physically active, connected and where to find support.

Can Too Stretches You Can Do at Your Des...

Thursday, 23rd Apr 20

See our guide to stretches you can easily do at your desk.

Letter to the Younger Me by Kieran Galla...

Thursday, 23rd Apr 20

Dear KG, be brave, don’t be fearful of the water. Trust in yourself. Mum and dad didn’t mean to scare you, they just thought that you remembered how to swim when they put you in the pool as a 5-year-old.

It’s the perfect time to hop into our ...

Tuesday, 21st Apr 20

It’s the perfect time to hop into our 10 Week – Can Too Strength & Cardio Virtual Program.

Everyone Can Too!

Wednesday, 1st Apr 20

Our gift to the Can Too Community

Wednesday, 1st Apr 20

Our gift to the Can Too Community - a free four-week virtual program and Facebook group, with a mix of cardio, strength and mindfulness exercises you can do outside or at home and nutrition tips plus the support of dedicated Head Coach Penny Nolton. You will be able to join the flexible program this week and join in anytime as there's no fixed start or end date. We will also bring you a more extensive 10-week program option with a fundraising component soon. So please stay tuned.

Let's keep moving together

Thursday, 26th Mar 20

Can Too’s coached training sessions may have been paused for now but, here at Can Too, we remain committed to the health and wellbeing of our community.

IWD: Thank you to the women who have gui...

Monday, 9th Mar 20

For International Women’s Day, we asked Jennie Star, who is a Can Too Community Spirit Award Winner and a regular Team Captain and Mentor, to reflect on what the special day means to her.


Tuesday, 3rd Mar 20

Buckwheat is a great source of complex carbohydrates. It is a seed and gluten free and it is also a rich source of rutin – an antioxidant that helps maintain healthy connective tissue (so good for muscles, tendons and ligaments).

Can Too Community Spirit Awards

Thursday, 13th Feb 20

To celebrate the Can Too community we are hosting the Can Too Community Spirit Awards on Thursday 27 February. The awards will recognise outstanding contributions from our community members, in demonstrating the Can Too Foundation’s values – Inspire, Engage, Support and Empower

How big was your swim? The Big Swim: Pal...

Wednesday, 29th Jan 20

On Sunday morning a sea of swimmers wearing orange and black costumes resembled a phenomenon of migrating sea creatures worthy of a David Attenborough documentary. The school of approximately 250 swimmers were mere mortals, whose reason for swimming at Palm Beach and to Whale Beach, was to raise money for the Can Too Foundation which invests in Australian cancer research and prevention.

Congratulations to Annie Crawford for be...

Thursday, 16th Jan 20

The colour orange now pulses through the veins of the thousands of individuals Annie Crawford has coached through her foundation, Can Too..

5 Reasons to Learn to Ocean Swim at Clov...

Wednesday, 15th Jan 20

Statement on Bushfire Crisis

Thursday, 9th Jan 20

Thank you to the Divine Steps Festival

Monday, 6th Jan 20

Many thanks to Sikh Youth Australia for your support of Can Too Foundation as a charity partner for the Divine Steps Festival which raised $15,584 for Australian cancer research and prevention.

Exceptional Training Program

Wednesday, 1st Jan 20

Exceptional Training Program

Welcome to the spring edition of Inspire...

Monday, 23rd Dec 19

Dive into the last edition of Inspire for the year. The theme for this Spring 2019 edition is Face Your Fears, which is fitting as we’re currently immersed in the learn to ocean swim program.

You Can Too win a new car

Friday, 13th Dec 19

Congratulations to Tara MacEachern who won the winning prize in Can Too Foundation’s Annual Art Union Raffle – a brand new car. She drove her new Audi A1 Sports car valued at $41,810 home from Audi Centre Mosman on Saturday.

Sighting Techniques & Pool Drills for Oc...

Tuesday, 10th Dec 19

Sighting is an integral part of ocean swimming. Being able to sight the path ahead of you, will keep you on course, both minimising your time in the water and your level of exertion.

As summer’s nearly here discover a new...

Friday, 29th Nov 19

As the sun shone down on Bilgola Surf Life Saving Club whilst the Nippers underwent their first surf training of the season, it was a poignant reminder that learning to ocean swim is a great way to experience vitality, good health, wellbeing and learn important skills needed to enjoy the Australian lifestyle. However, whilst doing so, it’s essential to protect yourself from the sun

Goal-oriented Training Program

Monday, 7th Oct 19

Congratulations Blackmores Sydney Runnin...

Thursday, 19th Sep 19

A massive congratulations and thank you to the 300 Can Tooers who formed a sea of orange at the 2019 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival to raise $272,303 for cancer research and prevention so far...

I Can Too give back at the Blackmores Ru...

Friday, 13th Sep 19

Good luck to all the 299 Can Tooers taking part in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on Sunday.

You Can Too learn to ocean swim in Campb...

Thursday, 12th Sep 19

The Can Too Foundation are pleased to announce a new learn to ocean swim program starting in Campbelltown.

You Can Too protect yourself this summer

Wednesday, 4th Sep 19

Protecting yourself from the sun this summer just got a whole lot easier with the launch of the first sunscreen stations in the country. Can Too Foundation has partnered with Sunscreen Stations Australia to promote this initiative to help protect more Aussies from skin cancer.

Welcome to the winter edition of Inspir...

Friday, 23rd Aug 19

Welcome to our winter 2019 edition of Inspire with the theme of mental health and wellbeing.

Can Too Cancer researcher Dr Merlot beco...

Friday, 16th Aug 19

Cancer researcher Dr Angelica Merlot, who received funding from the Can Too Foundation in 2018, won the NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Award last night at a ceremony in Sydney.

I Can Too run to help beat cancer

Friday, 9th Aug 19

Neatly 30 Can Tooers from Brisbane and the Gold Coast completed the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon and Community Run Festival on Sunday not just for the glory of finishing the race but to help others fighting cancer.

James is fighting cancer from first plac...

Saturday, 3rd Aug 19

Can Too Beyond participant, James Casey won the most prestigious paddle boarding race in the world, the 2019 Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) Paddleboard World Championships, in Hawaii, in a time of 4:03:20 on 28 July, but he’s not driven just to win but to help his father and others who are battling cancer.

Can Tooer James Casey wins the Molokai 2...

Monday, 29th Jul 19

Congratulations to Can Too Beyond participant James Casey for winning the 52km Stand Up Paddleboard Solo Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships in a time of 4 hours and 3 minutes.

Thank you for making the Art of Seafood ...

Wednesday, 10th Jul 19

Our annual fundraising gala The Art of Seafood went swimmingly on Friday 5 July. A school of around 200 people gathered at the Australian National Maritime Museum with the aim of reeling in $100,000 for cancer research and prevention.

You Can Too trek, cycle and kayak across...

Tuesday, 25th Jun 19

Can Too team captain Anne Reidy loves helping people achieve their fitness goals so much so that at the end of the 2019 SMH Half Marathon she ran back and forward with countless people to help support not just Can Tooers – but any runner – cross that finish line.

A once in a lifetime dining experience

Wednesday, 19th Jun 19

How many times could you say that your evening meal came from an underwater volcanic crevice in the sub-Antarctic ocean that’s more than 6,000km away?

Meet the star of The Art of Seafood

Monday, 17th Jun 19

Prolific performer Simon Brook McLachlan will bring some of the magic of Broadway to Can Too’s upcoming annual gala event – The Art of Seafood.

Can Too scores a winning goal with GWS G...

Friday, 14th Jun 19

The Can Too Foundation are pleased to announce that Greater Western Sydney GIANTS players Zac Langdon and Adam Kennedy will be donning the Foundation’s orange uniform to train with Can Too.

Maddie discovers what Can Too means in H...

Wednesday, 5th Jun 19

Maddie Finnigan was one of the 47 Can Tooers who took on the Hawke’s Bay International Marathon event, to reach a personal goal amid beautiful scenery and to raise money for the Can Too Foundation to fund Australian cancer research.

Can Too runners countdown to racing for ...

Monday, 27th May 19

Can Too Team Captain Alana Bowles is looking forward to leading determined runners in the Sutherland Shire, taking on the Blackmores Running Festival to raise money for the Can Too Foundation to fund cancer research and prevention.

Race Wrap: Over $265,000 Raised for Canc...

Monday, 20th May 19

Across a range of events there was a sea of orange: from the SMH Half Marathon to the half and full marathoners in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, and an ‘ultra’ half marathon at the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. There were nearly 250 runners that conquered their goal races and a crucial part of raising $265,000 (and counting) for cancer research and prevention.

I’m running for #TeamLYD

Friday, 17th May 19

Angela Williams joined Can Too as part of a global network to support her close friend Lydia who has stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer. Along with Lydia’s friends and loved ones in the UK, Australia, America and Ireland she has joined forces to raise money for cancer research as part of #TeamLYD.

I Can Too for my family

Friday, 17th May 19

First time Can Too participant Linda Hughes will be ticking off what’s been on her bucket list forever – her first half marathon this weekend in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. But, the number one reason she’s running is not for herself but for her family.

Cathy takes everything in her stride

Friday, 17th May 19

Prolific Can Too participant and mentor Cathy Duloy takes her challenges in her stride, be it training for a half marathon, an ocean swim, a trail run – or beating cancer twice.

Good luck to the Can Tooers taking on th...

Thursday, 16th May 19

Good luck to the Can Tooers swimmers taking on the epic South Head Roughwater from Bondi to Watson's Bay 10km swim on Sunday

Can Too runners pound the pavement for c...

Wednesday, 8th May 19

The Can Too Foundation this morning presented a cheque for $665,000 to Cure Cancer, from their participants’ fundraising efforts in 2018, who ran, swam and trekked to raise funds to beat cancer.

How to Host A Long Lunch Fundraising Eve...

Tuesday, 7th May 19

Tips and tricks on how to plan a fun long lunch raising cash for Can Too

We Can Too conquer the Cooly Classic

Friday, 26th Apr 19

Kat Couch could only just swim 100 metres when she signed up for the Cooly Classic with Can Too.

We Can Too ocean swim together

Wednesday, 24th Apr 19

Sisters Julia and Claudia Harley are looking forward to crossing the finish line of the Bondi Blue Water Challenge on 28 April, to show that they Can Too complete a two-kilometre ocean swim together – their fourth time lucky attempt.

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Inspir...

Thursday, 18th Apr 19

I’m pleased to announce that our Can Too magazine’s name is Inspire. The theme of this Autumn 2019 edition is ‘family’. As often people describe Can Too as like a family and members refer to their pod as their ‘Can Too family’.

Where would I be without Can Too?

Thursday, 18th Apr 19

By Georgie Quigley Without Can too I wouldn’t be running marathons that’s for sure! Can Too is the only reason these legs of mine have ever managed to conquer 42.2km.

I Can Too run with Kenyans

Wednesday, 17th Apr 19

Can Too running Coach Matt Joyce’s shares his running travel adventure.

Tips on how to recover post RunWest

Friday, 29th Mar 19

Can Too’s running coach Matt Joyce shares his tips on how best to recover post race.

4 Ways We're Celebrating 15 Years Of Bla...

Wednesday, 13th Mar 19

Tips for Training in the Rain

Tuesday, 12th Mar 19

Can Too trains RAIN, HAIL and SHINE, here's some tips to get you motivated to turn up for training in the rain!

What International Women’s Day means t...

Thursday, 7th Mar 19

For International Women’s Day, we asked the Chair of Can Too Foundation, Anne Massey to reflect on what the special day means to her.

Can Too researcher wins Young Woman of t...

Thursday, 7th Mar 19

Cancer researcher Dr Angelica Merlot, who received funding from the Can Too Foundation in 2018, wins the Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year Award.

Work For Us — Community Engagement...

Monday, 4th Mar 19

Can Too Hall of Famer passes suddenly

Wednesday, 27th Feb 19

Tragically Can Too devotee Mark Ellis, who had been planning to swim the English Channel this coming winter as part of a Can Too Beyond program with his fellow Can Too team members and wife Lizzie Crowhurst, collapsed and died suddenly at his Sydney home this weekend.

Fourth time’s a charm for swimming sis...

Wednesday, 20th Feb 19

Sisters Julia and Claudia Harley are looking forward to show that they Can Too complete a two kilometre ocean swim together -- their fourth time lucky attempt soon. They were committed to doing the Bondi Blue Water Challenge 2.1km swim on Sunday to commemorate the Can Too Learn to Ocean Swim program they’ve completed after suffering a couple of event day setbacks.

Ocean Swimming – It’s All About Rhyt...

Wednesday, 20th Feb 19

Can Too Swim Coach Gary Emmerton shares his wisdom on how to master ocean swimming.

Can Too Run FAQ

Friday, 8th Feb 19

Let us answer your questions about joining the Can Too Run program.

Jodie can do anything with Can Too

Saturday, 2nd Feb 19

Western Sydney resident Jodie Sale credits joining Can Too Foundation with making her say yes to doing things she never thought she could.

Welcome to the first edition of our Can ...

Friday, 25th Jan 19

The theme for our first edition is making goals. Read on to find out how Can Too participant Mark Ellis has overcome debilitating injuries to be able to tackle the Can Too Beyond goal of swimming the English Channel. Find out what our goal events are this year, what the secrets are to fundraising from our featured stars, Dani Lombard's take on the Queenstown running festival and more.

Peter’s Taking On RunWest For Those Wh...

Thursday, 17th Jan 19

When Kellyville resident Peter Signorelli’s wife asked him to do a 9km fun run, his response was: ‘you’re kidding me, I’m lucky if I can run 50 metres from the car to the front door if it’s raining'. Despite never running before he completed the Blackmores 9km Bridge Run in 2012 for Can Too Foundation, which raises money for cancer research and prevention. He has since completed the Great Ocean Road 14km Run, Half Marathons in Sydney and two full Marathons in Queenstown, New Zealand and more for the Foundation.

Lyndal overcomes ocean fear to show she ...

Friday, 21st Dec 18

When Lyndal Keith joined Can Too to train for a 1km ocean swim in 2015 she was terrified of the ocean. She went on to become a Can Too swimming mentor, completed a 10 km ocean race and her fundraising has kept someone close to her from not just surviving but thriving.

Does your training session have a purpos...

Friday, 21st Dec 18

As a coach, the one fundamental principle I look to communicate to athletes is that of purpose. Purpose is something every training plan should be built upon and consistently referenced week to week.

Message from the CEO - Setting Goals for...

Thursday, 13th Dec 18

What an amazing year! Hear what Can Too Foundation has achieved in 2018 and what's ahead for 2019.

Why I Can Too - Briony Blackmur

Tuesday, 11th Dec 18

Briony Blackmur recently conquered the 10km plus trail run despite not being able to run more than 20 seconds when she started with Can Too

‘Monthly Swimmers’ reign supreme

Monday, 10th Dec 18

The ‘Monthly Swimmers’ put in an impressive performance to win the annual handicapped relay swim race on Wednesday 28 November at Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College Aquatic Centre. The ex-elite swimmers including Australian Olympian Carl Wilson won by 20 seconds in the 14-person relay team against two Can Too teams.

What to pack for a bucket list adventure

Monday, 10th Dec 18

Trekking the globe are some of the Can Too challenges on offer next year including a Trek to Mt Kilimanjaro with Trip Leader and global adventurer Heather Hawkins. Is such a trek on your bucket list? Heather shares what you need to pack on the trekking trip of a lifetime:

How to conquer RunWest

Monday, 10th Dec 18

James Constantine’s guide to run/walking 12 kms from a 5km base

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs Prescribes ...

Tuesday, 4th Dec 18

Dr Chris van Tullenken set up a no drug clinic at London to treat people with common illnesses without drugs, in all cases the effective treatment was supported exercise.

You Can WIN Shoes With Every Can Too Run...

Thursday, 29th Nov 18

An important start to run training is finding the right shoes for your feet. That’s why, for every Can Too Run training program in the future, there’s one pair of shoes to be won thanks to Brooks Running – the Official Shoe of Can Too.

You CAN TOO Beat An Olympic Swimmer!

Tuesday, 27th Nov 18

"Monthly swimmers' vs Can Too swimmers

'From A To Me' Episode 10: Annie Crawfor...

Thursday, 22nd Nov 18

Message from the CEO - Mental Health Mon...

Friday, 9th Nov 18

As October was Mental Health Month with the theme of ‘share the journey’ it was a poignant reminder of why we CAN TOO and how being part of the community is vital for physical and mental wellbeing.

International marathons released

Friday, 9th Nov 18

Our annual survey showed you want greater input when choosing international destinations, and more advanced notice, to allow more of you to join these experiences. In response to your feedback we’ve been asking Can Toorists like you where they want to go on their next fitness and fundraising adventure.

5  Mins With … Matthew Sommerville

Thursday, 8th Nov 18

Matthew Sommerville is achieving a lot of firsts with Can Too, including his first running race - the 12km Jabulani Challenge, his first marathon - the upcoming Queenstown Marathon and he’s also a newly appointed Team Captain training for the Sydney Trail Series 2019. By taking on this role he is a great example of living our Can Too value of support.

Can Too delivers a winning recipe for me...

Thursday, 8th Nov 18

For a wrap up of Mental Health Month Can Too Board Member, Avril Henry details how Can Too delivers on the key ingredients for mental and physical wellbeing.

I Am A Can Too Addict!

Wednesday, 31st Oct 18

Swim program Champion, Lyndal Keith was addicted to Can Too from day one, ‘the warmth, the acceptance, the team work - I was hooked’. She was inspired to join the Foundation as tribute to her ‘beautiful Aunty Ree’ that she lost to cancer, read on for her moving tribute to her.

I can do anything with Can Too

Monday, 29th Oct 18

Pip Davis pictured centre training for the New York Marathon.

Why I Can Too - Paul Jeffress

Friday, 26th Oct 18

“I Can Too because of how it makes me feel,” says Can Too veteran Paul Jeffress who manages to live very well with diagnosed depression and anxiety.

Can Too Goes West

Thursday, 25th Oct 18

Can Too Foundation is the official training partner and official charity of RunWest - Western Sydney’s first major running festival.

Can Too Foundation celebrate $20M milest...

Wednesday, 17th Oct 18

Can Too Foundation are thrilled to achieve the fundraising milestone of $20 million plus for cancer research and prevention. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey to show that you CAN TOO achieve goals once thought impossible, from running a marathon to raising collectively over $20 million to beat cancer.

How to get a copy of a Donation Tax Rece...

Friday, 28th Sep 18

Message from the CEO – September 2018

Friday, 28th Sep 18

Why I Joined Can Too, A New Participant'...

Thursday, 27th Sep 18

Race Report — Glenbrook Trail Mar...

Wednesday, 29th Aug 18

Message from the CEO – August 2018

Wednesday, 29th Aug 18

Our Refer-A-Friend Policy (It's Awesome)

Thursday, 23rd Aug 18

Annie Crawford's Trail Race Week Tips

Monday, 13th Aug 18

Sydney Ocean Swim, Registrations opening...

Thursday, 26th Jul 18

Warm your winter with some summer news. Last year's Sydney Ocean Swim broke all our records. We supported 416 people to face their fears and learn to ocean swim, fundraising an incredible $628,091 for cancer research and prevention. And it’s nearly that time of year again!!! SAVE THE DATE Registrations open Friday 31 August.

Don’t Let Your Cycling Training Turn Y...

Tuesday, 17th Apr 18

A Can Too-ers Swim to Recovery: A True S...

Wednesday, 28th Mar 18

Welcome to our new Chair of the Can Too ...

Thursday, 22nd Mar 18

Treadmill vs. Track

Wednesday, 14th Mar 18

4 Tips For New Endurance Swimmers

Wednesday, 14th Mar 18

Challenge Yourself This Year

Wednesday, 14th Mar 18

How to Connect Your Fitness App in Your ...

Monday, 26th Feb 18

Dr Fernando Guimares Makes A New Researc...

Thursday, 15th Feb 18

Overcoming Your Fears: Learn to Ocean Sw...

Wednesday, 31st Jan 18

Starting Standards for Runners

Tuesday, 30th Jan 18

Roast Pumpkin, Chicken & Goat's Cheese B...

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Turkey San Choy Bow

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Corn, Zucchini & Tuna Frittas

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Millet with Salmon & Roast Tomato

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Healthier Muesli Bars

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Blueberry Muffins with Chia & Oats

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Spelt Pancakes

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Chia Pudding

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Choc-Banana Protein Smoothie

Friday, 12th Jan 18

Recovery Juice

Friday, 12th Jan 18

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Trail Ru...

Thursday, 11th Jan 18

7 Tips for Exercising Safely in the Sun

Wednesday, 10th Jan 18

Almond Milk

Thursday, 4th Jan 18

Exercises to Improve Running Posture

Monday, 1st Jan 18

Foot Strike Explained

Monday, 1st Jan 18

2018 Early Career Cancer Researchers

Wednesday, 20th Dec 17

NSW Walking Tracks

Wednesday, 20th Dec 17

Margaret-Anne Hayes Raises $250,000 For ...

Wednesday, 29th Nov 17

Earrings For A Cure

Wednesday, 29th Nov 17

Message from the CEO: November 2017

Wednesday, 29th Nov 17

Start Your DreamJob As A Cancer Research...

Wednesday, 29th Nov 17

Race Day Nutrition: Marathon

Tuesday, 7th Nov 17

Facing My Fears As A First Time Fundrais...

Friday, 3rd Nov 17

How to Host A Cinema Movie Night Fundrai...

Thursday, 2nd Nov 17

Closet Cleanout Fundraising Event

Thursday, 2nd Nov 17

Barefoot Bowls Fundraising Event

Thursday, 2nd Nov 17

2018 Can Too Events Calendar

Thursday, 26th Oct 17

Over-Exercise Putting Older Athletes at ...

Wednesday, 4th Oct 17

Race Day Nutrition: Half Marathon

Sunday, 1st Oct 17

Roam the Outback: The Larapinta Challeng...

Thursday, 28th Sep 17

Message from the CEO: September 2017

Thursday, 28th Sep 17

Health for Help: Supporting Those That C...

Tuesday, 26th Sep 17

Message from the CEO: August 2017

Thursday, 31st Aug 17

4 Steps To Overcoming Stage Fright, Nerv...

Monday, 21st Aug 17

Annie Crawford's Bliss Ball Recipe

Tuesday, 15th Aug 17

We all have that point in the afternoon where we hit a wall and start thinking about something sweet to help get us through the day. Bliss Balls are a fantastic healthy alternative to the KitKat that you can prepare in advance and freeze for the ultimate go to snack when your sweet tooth rears its head!

Annie Crawford's Bliss Ball Recipe

Tuesday, 15th Aug 17

10 Tricks For Developing A Great Mindset

Monday, 14th Aug 17

Food for Thought: Trail Running Nutritio...

Monday, 14th Aug 17

Immunotherapy: Revolutionising Cancer Ca...

Thursday, 10th Aug 17

Immunotherapy: Revolutionising Cancer Ca...

Thursday, 10th Aug 17

Clothes Swap Fundraiser

Wednesday, 9th Aug 17

Food for Thought: Trail Running Nutritio...

Monday, 7th Aug 17

Food for Thought: Trail Running Nutritio...

Monday, 31st Jul 17

A Note-Worthy Way to Improve Your Health

Friday, 28th Jul 17

Message from the CEO: July 2017

Friday, 28th Jul 17

Runner's Trots: A Humbling Story On One ...

Wednesday, 26th Jul 17

Food for Thought: Trail Running Nutritio...

Monday, 24th Jul 17

Food for Thought: Trail Running Nutritio...

Monday, 17th Jul 17

Food for Thought: Trail Running Nutritio...

Monday, 10th Jul 17

You've Got Mail!

Monday, 10th Jul 17

Message from the CEO: June 2017

Thursday, 29th Jun 17

Impact Statement – 2017 SMH Half Marat...

Thursday, 29th Jun 17

Couch to 10km — A Practical Guide

Thursday, 29th Jun 17

What Is Cadence?

Wednesday, 21st Jun 17

Foam Roller — Every Runner's Best Frie...

Friday, 9th Jun 17

Gluten Free Post-Training Pancakes

Monday, 5th Jun 17

Banana & Coffee Pre-Training Smoothie

Monday, 5th Jun 17

Message from the CEO: May 2017

Wednesday, 31st May 17

5 Reasons Why Active Adventures Are Good...

Wednesday, 24th May 17

5 Reasons Why Active Adventures Are Good...

Wednesday, 24th May 17

4 Exercises To Create A Strong Running B...

Monday, 22nd May 17

Annie Crawford's Race Week Tips

Monday, 15th May 17

Blackmores & Can Too: From the Starting ...

Thursday, 27th Apr 17

Message from the CEO: April 2017

Thursday, 27th Apr 17

Host a Can Too Art & Wine Dinner Party A...

Wednesday, 26th Apr 17

How To Hold a Successful Bunnings BBQ

Monday, 10th Apr 17

Trip Notes: Air New Zealand Queenstown M...

Tuesday, 4th Apr 17

Message from the CEO: March 2017

Tuesday, 21st Mar 17

Core Exercises To Improve Your Running F...

Monday, 20th Mar 17

Dr Gillian Gould: Helping Indigenous Wom...

Wednesday, 15th Mar 17

Two Ways To Increase Your Speed - Cadenc...

Monday, 13th Mar 17

Tips And Tricks For Training In The Rain

Monday, 6th Mar 17

Craig 'Crowie' Alexander, Ironman World ...

Tuesday, 28th Feb 17

Annie's Triathlon Race Day Tips

Monday, 27th Feb 17

Message from the CEO: February 2017

Wednesday, 22nd Feb 17

Mental Strategies For Runners and Walker...

Thursday, 2nd Feb 17

Heather Hawkins: Real Adventurer and Tru...

Wednesday, 1st Feb 17

Fundraising Fact Sheet

Friday, 27th Jan 17

Get The Right Running Gear

Friday, 27th Jan 17

Annie's Race Day Tips When Ocean Swimmin...

Monday, 23rd Jan 17

A/Prof Megan Hitchens: Improving Early D...

Friday, 20th Jan 17

Message from the CEO: January 2017

Wednesday, 18th Jan 17

A Beginners Guide to Gold Coast Half Mar...

Monday, 16th Jan 17

Can Too Loyalty & Referral Discounts 201...

Wednesday, 4th Jan 17

The (Always Updated) List of Can Too Dis...

Sunday, 1st Jan 17

A/Prof Mike Doran: Developing New Techno...

Thursday, 15th Dec 16

Heather Hawkins: An Inspirational Year o...

Wednesday, 14th Dec 16

Message from the CEO: December 2016

Wednesday, 14th Dec 16

Cancer Researcher Achievements In 2016

Monday, 12th Dec 16

Ocean Swimming with Marine Life

Monday, 12th Dec 16

Bike Maintenance Tips for Triathletes

Monday, 12th Dec 16

Prof Neil Watkins: Refining A New Target...

Friday, 9th Dec 16

How to Get Around Buoys/Race Cans in Oce...

Monday, 5th Dec 16

“Stache-4-Cash” Swim Night Raises Ov...

Friday, 2nd Dec 16

Message from the CEO: November 2016

Thursday, 24th Nov 16

A Beginner’s Guide to Great Ocean Road...

Thursday, 24th Nov 16

Ashleigh Neil: Podium Finisher Fundraisi...

Monday, 21st Nov 16

Identifying Waves & Rips When Ocean Swim...

Monday, 14th Nov 16

How To “Number Off” At The Beach

Monday, 14th Nov 16

Professor Richard Payne: 'Physical Scien...

Thursday, 10th Nov 16

6 Simple Tips To Improve Your Swim Breat...

Friday, 4th Nov 16

Message from the CEO: October 2016

Monday, 31st Oct 16

Understanding Your Strengths As A Fundra...

Thursday, 27th Oct 16

Maximise your fundraising by communicati...

Thursday, 27th Oct 16

How to Set Up Your Fundraising Page

Wednesday, 26th Oct 16

Setting up your fundraising page is easy and an essential part of your fundraising journey! This is where you will direct all of your potential sponsors – so you want to make sure your fundraising page inspires them to donate!

8 Tips to a Successful Fundraising Page

Wednesday, 26th Oct 16

8 Emotions of Learning to Ocean Swim

Tuesday, 11th Oct 16

The Sydney Ocean Swim means different things to different people; rewarding because it’s such a crashing kaleidoscope of emotions at times, which also makes learning to ocean swim such a life-changing experience. Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to reflect on some experiences from the Can Too community from ocean swims gone by.

8 Emotions of Learning to Ocean Swim

Tuesday, 11th Oct 16

Dr Patsy Soon: Stopping Breast Cancer in...

Wednesday, 5th Oct 16

5 Essential Beach Safety Tips for Summer

Saturday, 1st Oct 16

Message from the CEO: September 2016

Friday, 23rd Sep 16

Sharing Our Blackmores Celebrations with...

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We're Recruiting a New Team Captain Coor...

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DreamLab: Power Cancer Research While Yo...

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Dr Laura Bray: Women in Technology's Ris...

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Updates to our programs

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Dr Phoebe Phillips: Unlocking the Potent...

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7 Ways to Help Aching Muscles

Thursday, 11th Aug 16

Message from the CEO: July 2016

Friday, 22nd Jul 16

Leading the way in funding early-career ...

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Profile: Shayne Connell — Central Coas...

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First Deaf Team Captain Leads At Gold Co...

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Jump into June: harnessing 15,000ft of f...

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A Beginner Runner’s Path from Blackmor...

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Run Nation: an authentic film festival a...

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Message from the CEO: June 2016

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4 life lessons I learned from training w...

Friday, 3rd Jun 16

Remembering Cathie at the Manly Fun Run

Thursday, 2nd Jun 16

In late 2014 Cathie Zucchiatti was a vibrant, fit, and much-loved mother of three teenage boys. The year head was to be one of milestones – her own 50th birthday, and her eldest son’s 18th and HSC. Eight short months later in August, Cathie succumbed to a very aggressive and rare cancer of the biliary system (liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts).

Remembering Cathie at the Manly Fun Run

Thursday, 2nd Jun 16

Jump into life this June with Can Too

Tuesday, 31st May 16

Andre Carvalho: 12 marathons in 12 month...

Monday, 30th May 16

Meet our 2016 cancer researchers

Thursday, 28th Apr 16

Can Too announced as Run Nation charity ...

Tuesday, 1st Mar 16

Can Too partners with Cancer Council NSW

Friday, 26th Feb 16

How to fundraise for charity

Friday, 12th Feb 16

Marathon Recovery Tips

Tuesday, 19th Jan 16

Marathons can be one of the most grueling experiences your body will go through while at the same time being extremely rewarding and enjoyable. They are tough both mentally and physically; your mind and body will be pushed to their limits to ensure you make it across that finish line.

Marathon Recovery Tips

Tuesday, 19th Jan 16

Introducing Can Too ambassador Heather H...

Monday, 30th Nov 15

Triathlon Transition Tips!

Tuesday, 10th Nov 15

Why I Run: Annie Crawford

Sunday, 20th Sep 15

Can Too headline charity partner for Bla...

Monday, 16th Mar 15

Announcing the new Can Too Foundation

Tuesday, 14th Oct 14

Trip Notes: Trek Mt Kilimanjaro for Can ...

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