Tips for Training in the Rain

12 Mar 2019

Can Too trains RAIN, HAIL and SHINE!  At some run sessions you may get a little damp, but it could be like that on race day!  If the weather is inclement, always turn up to Can Too training, your coaches will modify the session if necessary because your safety is paramount, they will have some form of exercise for you to do!  If lightning strikes, we'll go for a coffee instead! Keep an eye on your emails and the facebook group before a session for any last minute changes to training.

Here's a few tips and tricks to get you motivated to join your pod for your training session if rain is on the forecast.  Get out there, it'll be fun, you won't regret it!

Tips and tricks for training in the rain

  1. Motivation: Can Too trains RAIN, HAIL and SHINE!  You signed up to fundraise for cancer research.  There are thousands of people around the world going through cancer treatments at that very moment you hit snooze or head home on the bus. What wouldn't they give to be in your position to be able to run?
  2. Caution: Water makes things slippery, so slow down a bit and be sure of your footing.  In particular, watch out for metal grates and fallen leaves.
  3. Bring a full change of clothes.  Get warm and dry ASAP.  For Saturday runs, organise this on Friday nights so you don't forget stuff.  Include a towel and a plastic bag for wet gear.  When it's colder, putting Ugg boots on after a miserable run will warm both your feet and your heart.
  4. Cotton will chafe, do not wear it, it won't be fun.  Sports wear with moisture wicking fabric such as your Can Too t-shirt is best, add a cap to keep rain out of your eyes or light running jacket if it's cold. 
  5. If you have issues with skin chafing, try some BodyGlide, Vaseline or Paw Paw ointment on those areas.
  6. Keep your feet dry for as long as possible, but sometimes you have no choice but to run through a newly formed river.  From then on, puddles are fair game and lots of fun!
  7. As soon as you get home dry out your shoes.  Remove the inner soles and stuff with scrunched up newspaper or old tea towel.

Yes, you'll get wet if it rains but believe it or not skin is waterproof, you're not made of sugar and won't dissolve, melt or rust!  Get dry and warm ASAP afterwards. Bring spare clothes and a towel.  Don't wear cotton on the run.  Above all, become a kid again, jump in those puddles, it's fun, you won't regret it!

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