Can Too are running into spring

12 Jun 2020

The great news is that from this Saturday 13 June Can Tooers can meet up for face-to-face training in groups up to 20. Professionally coached training with the supportive Can Too community starts Tuesday 16 June for our 2020 Run into Spring program.

We were certainly overdue for a Can Too catch up – so pods started training together to get ready for the coached half marathon and 10km program. See some of the Can Tooers below that completed a run recently. The group included prolific Can Too runner, swimmer, and trekker Nisha Sachdev, who said that it’s great to be able to join up face-to-face with her Can Too buddies.

“It’s great to be allowed to do group training again, it’s motivating to feel your energy come back to exercise together and to start a Can Too program, to have a structure and routine and know that you are part of this supportive community."

Places are limited

To ensure that everyone is training safely, places in all pods are limited due to government restrictions. We will actively manage pod sizes and training groups as restrictions ease. If your desired pod has a waitlist, please join this waitlist and as soon as a place becomes available, we will contact you.  

Goal event

The 10km and Half Marathon programs will prepare participants to achieve their running goal on 20 September. This is the date set for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. Please be assured that if the planned event does not go ahead due to government restrictions, Can Too will deliver a safe alternative, supported run.

New training times and locations

Please be aware that we have changed some of our training times and locations. Find out more information here

We are committed to your health and safety 

We have introduced a number of practices and procedures to be observed during training to comply with the government guidelines and keep you safe. Please make sure to adhere to Can Too’s Program Health and Safety Policy when attending training, which includes:

  • maintain physical distancing between yourself and other participants and members of the public – stay at least 1.5m away from others at all times
  • avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs and kisses 
  • practise good hygiene
  • download and use the COVIDSafe App

Revised fundraising targets

Now only are we making things better for your health, we’re also making them better for your wallet.

In recognition of the current extraordinary circumstances and economic climate we’ve introduced a new system which allows all our participants to self-select their fundraising targets, bronze, silver or gold. By raising the minimum amount of $675 you will become a Fundraising Star. There’s also no requirement to start fundraising before the formal training starts on 15 June. 

  • Bronze $675 which is the minimum amount and 50% of the standard 14-week run program fundraising commitment. 
  • Silver $995 which is 75% of the standard 14-week run program fundraising commitment. 
  • Gold $1350 which is 100% of the standard 14-week run program fundraising commitment. 

We couldn’t be happier at the prospect at getting back to what we do best. Register here to get access to your free four-week program.  

Please contact us on if you have any questions.