What Is A Niggle vs An Injury?

01 May 2022

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iMove Physio help educate on injury prevention through regular guest speaking at Can Too run groups in Sydney, and support Can Too’s community funding model by donating 5% of all Can Too consults back to the Can Too Foundation.

iMove Physio offer 50% off your first 2 consults as a Can Too runner. iMove believe a 1 on 1 running assessment is an important part of injury prevention, supporting runners with a customised program to help them on their journey. This leaves another visit available if niggles pop up during training and can be addressed. On top of the discount you can use your health fund rebate, meaning the cost of your two full 40min physio visits with a running specialist is minimal.

They have clinics in Rozelle , Miranda , and Panania .

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Hi guys, it’s Dan from iMove. Let’s talk about the difference between a niggle and an injury.

With a niggle, you’re going to be experiencing soreness, or tightness, but it’s not keep you out of running.

With an injury, that’s something that’s causing you enough pain to stop you from running.

Now it’s really important that you don’t ignore when you’re feeling a niggle.

This is what we call the niggle line.

Don’t ignore the niggle line – when you keep loading your body past this point, without seeking the help of a health professional, then you end up incurring an injury.

An injury is something that keeps you out of the game and stops you from running.

So be aware of your niggles so you can get help before an injury happens, and get the most out of your training.

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