The Michael and Joan Tallis Endowment

25 Jan 2024

CanToo Foundation is grateful to have received a pod sponsorship of $40,000 from The Michael and Joan Tallis Endowment! All four WAC Pods will be sponsored by The Michael and Joan Tallis Endowment during this year’s Summer Ocean Swim Program meaning more funds will go towards vital early career cancer research.

In return for this generous donation, a minimum of $120,000 of funds raised during the CanToo Summer Ocean Swim Program will directly support Dr Holly Holliday at Children’s Cancer Institute.

Holly will explore an understudied histone modification – called ‘citrullination’ – to determine if targeting of this particular histone modification can prevent activation of the genes that are driving tumour growth in Diffuse Midline Gliomas (DMG), a malignant fast growing brain tumour. There has been little advancement for treatment in DMG in the last 40 years and the average survival following diagnosis is less than one year. This research project will help patients with this type of cancer, typically children between five to ten years of age, by developing new treatment options to ultimately reduce brain tumour growth.

The support of The Michael and Joan Tallis Endowment helps CanToo fund more brilliant Australian early career cancer researchers who help make the impossible possible, seeking to improve cancer treatments and patient outcomes in the future.

Lindy Tallis on behalf of The Michael and Joan Tallis Endowment will be visiting the Warringah Aquatic Centre on Thursday 25 January.

Learn more about Dr Holliday’s research here