Can Too Position Statements

The Can Too Foundation has agreed positions on the following health and wellbeing topics based on our values, expertise and experience as an independent health promotion organisation. This has been established over 15 years of supporting over 17,000 members of the community to become fitter and healthier and funding crucial cancer research.  

Can Too Foundation will regularly update and expand on these position statements. If you have any feedback or comments on this content, please reach out to us at: 

Early Career Cancer Research

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Sustaining cancer research in Australia is critical if we are to provide longer-term cancer control for all Australians. It is important that we invest in predominately early career cancer researchers to ensure they become established researchers, who can build on short-term outcomes by receiving the support required to go on to achieve longer-term breakthroughs.  

Can Too Foundation is a leader in the field of early career cancer research funding, having raised over $23 Million to support innovation in the prevention, care and control of cancer and it is committed to continuing to do so. 

The Can Too Foundation believes that government and other institutions should commit to more long-term investment in Australian cancer research so we can develop a more sustainable foundation for such research.

We believe that this is the most effective way to ensure we have the best and brightest scientists to lead future breakthroughs in cancer treatment, diagnosis and prevention.  

Preventative Diseases

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Thousands of Australians die each year from potentially avoidable deaths, many of which can be avoided by fostering positive lifestyle behaviours including exercise to help prevent chronic diseasesAccording to the World Health Organisation’s physical activity scale, 55 per cent of Australians don’t participate in sufficient physical activity 

Can Too Foundation deliver programs and education that promote physical activity, healthy lifestyles and improved physical and mental wellbeing, all of which can prevent or reduce early and avoidable deaths through chronic diseases.   

Can Too Foundation believe that State, Territory and Federal Governments should increase their annual investments in preventative disease activities significantly. This would achieve a very positive community health outcome in the longer term. 

Such investments should include wider public health/fitness campaigns, community exercise initiatives and delivery of services to areas which lack health and fitness initiatives, including regional and remote Australia.