A guide on where to find support and ways to look after your mental health

23 Jul 2020

We want to make sure that you know where you can find support, during these uncertain times with the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Please see a range of mental health support services available 24 hours 7 days a week. (Click on image below to download the resource). Read on for ways you can look after your mental health.

  • Here’s a list of national help lines and websites from Beyond Blue
  • Your doctor (GP) is often a good place to start for most mental health conditions. Doctors can provide treatment or refer you to other services for mental health. Search for a doctor in your location.
  • Or you use the Australia-wide Find a PsychologistTM service. Go to: findapsychologist.com.au or call 1800 333 497.

How to take care of your mental health  

If you are struggling, here are some things you can do to take care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty (from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

1.Separate what is in your control from what is not

There are things you can do, and it’s helpful to focus on those. Wash your hands. Remind others to wash theirs. Limit your consumption of news.

2.Do what helps you feel a sense of safety. 

This will be different for everyone, and it’s important not to compare yourself to others. It’s ok if you’ve decided what makes you feel safe is to avoid going out, but make sure you are isolating based on potential for sickness versus isolating because it’s part of depression.

3.Get outside in nature – even if you are avoiding crowds. 

Spending time in nature can make you feel better and exercise helps both your physical and mental health.

4.Challenge yourself to stay in the present. 

Perhaps your worry is compounding - you are not only thinking about what is currently happening, but also projecting into the future. When you find yourself worrying about something that hasn’t happened, gently bring yourself back to the present moment. Notice the sights, sounds, tastes and other sensory experiences in your immediate moment and name them. Engaging in mindfulness activities is one way to help stay grounded when things feel beyond your control.

5.Stay connected and reach out if you need more support. 

Talk to trusted friends about what you are feeling. If you are feeling particularly anxious or if you are struggling with your mental health, it’s ok to reach out to a mental health professional for support. You don’t have to be alone with your worry and it can be comforting to share what you are experiencing with those trained to help.

You Can Too reach out to us

If you need support reach out to Can Too, you can email: info@cantoo.org.au and one of our Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Also remember to reach out to your fellow Can Tooers, your pod members, Team Captains and Mentors, let’s be there for each other. 

Some of the ways we can keep connected are through:

Self-care: how to maintain your mental health during social isolation

Changing out of your pyjamas each morning, is an important tip from the Australian Psychological Society on how to maintain your mental health during social isolation. You can find more tips here

Working from home can bring a whole new set of challenges and the need to provide structure to your day is even more important. 

While you don’t have to dress as formally as you might when going into the office, getting out of your pyjamas can help you get in the right headspace to start your day.

Give your mental health a boost with some meditation and mindfulness

From helping you focus, deal with pain and fears to even strengthening your immune system there are numerous reasons why mediation can help boost your mental health. Read more about the benefits of meditation.

And the best news... some meditations can be performed lying in bed, before you even start your day.

You can try a meditation app like Headspace (see details below) to listen to a led meditation at bedtime, first thing in the morning, or set a five minute timer during your day to focus on your breathing and positive affirmations.


  • An app designed to help people learn to meditate and live mindfully, with hundreds of themed sessions. There’s even one that you can do whilst running to keep your steps and mind light, free, and natural.
  • Headspace is offering free support during this COVID-19 crisis
  • iOS, Android
  • www.headspace.com

Free mindfulness and yoga resources

You can find some other free mindfulness apps to get you started here and free yoga videos.

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