Learn to run and help beat cancer

Have you ever wanted to complete the goal of running a 10km, half marathon, a trail run or even a full marathon?

Since 2005 we've been building a community of everyday people, supporting them with the skills, confidence and camaraderie they need to achieve what once felt like an impossible goal: to become a runner.

And we do it all for a good cause, funding Australian cancer research so we can find better ways to treat and prevent cancer.

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Achieve your goals in a supportive, fun environment 

“I’m inspired by my fellow Can Tooers. There are so many stories of perseverance. Never giving up is an amazing strength and it can really drive you to want to do better.

“My advice to someone doing their first program is to not be afraid and just go for it. A lot of people get really concerned thinking ‘I’m not fast or fit enough’. Can Too is not an elite running group and we’re not trying to be. We’re not out there to win races we’re there to reduce cancer in the community. Running is an awesome way to do that.”

Matt Sommerville

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