Can Too Coach Matt Joyce’s Recovery tips

by Emma Brown 24 Jul 2020
  1. Hydration

It’s important to recover the sweat, carbohydrates and salts you’ve lost with water and electrolytes, such as Hydralite which are supplied post races.

  1. Nutrition

Within the hour post-race try and consume some carbohydrate and protein to help with muscle repair. And have a proper meal with adequate protein and carbohydrates, within 3 to 4 hours to further boost recovery and drink plenty of water.

  1. Sleep

It is important for recovery 7-9 hours if possible.

  1. Ice and cooling

There’s some evidence to show that cold water or ice on the legs reduces inflammation, aids recovery, within 24 hours. You can do this by submerging into waist deep water at the beach or taking a cold bath. However, be careful with severe temperatures, you risk hypothermia if it’s under 20 degrees, so take caution. Another method is taking a shower with warm then cold water alternating for a minute each.

  1. Stretching

Stretching tight muscles is beneficial, you can use a roller the day of the race and the next morning, often at events you’ll see recovery stations where you can stretch and do yoga.

  1. Compression

Wearing compression tights post-race and even to bed to help reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

  1. Massage

Get a massage 24 to 48 hours post-race. At events often they have massages available to kick start the recovery process.

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