CanToo's New Logo

09 Jan 2024

You may have noticed something new flying around on our communications lately, and that is CanToo’s new logo ! 

Since 2005, CanToo has delivered professionally coached training programs that allow participants to set themselves fitness challenges and has supported over 21,000 people in achieving goals they didn’t think possible. All this while raising over $33 million for the most innovative early career cancer researchers in Australia that may not otherwise have received the funding they deserve. Seeing that our CanToo Community is always growing, evolving and changing for the better, it was time to have a little makeover. 

We are so excited to start the New Year by sharing CanToo’s new logo with our wonderful CanToo Community. The CanToo name hasn’t changed but our new tagline ‘Challenge Yourself, Challenge Cancer’ emphasises the dual mission we are all so invested in, supporting the community to become fitter and healthier and funding brilliant early career cancer researchers to continue making discoveries that could ultimately save lives. 

I’m sure you’ve also noticed our new mascot, The Toucan. Why a toucan I hear you ask? Aside from the playful twist on the word Toucan with CanToo, it may surprise you to know that our new mascot shares many common values with our CanToo-ers. Toucans are social creatures with a sense of community and are associated with luck, joy and happiness. They are also determined to overcome challenging obstacles which, makes them strong and inspirational to others. All these characteristics align beautifully with the CanToo Community, making a toucan our perfect mascot! ? 

Over the next few months, there will be times when the old logo might make an appearance during a CanToo goal event, training sessions and in digital imagery. This is because CanToo doesn’t want to be wasteful, especially if the items aren’t broken! So please bear with us during this transition period smile.

Exciting times ahead for all of us with CanToo!

Fundraising Merchandise

Our passionate CanToo-ers have created amazing merchandise in the past to help boost their fundraising. We love to see all your creative fundraising ideas! With our new branding we want to make sure we're implementing some best practices, so we're asking you to please follow this new process when you develop any CanToo fundraising merchandising for upcoming programs.

  • You must reach out to the CanToo Team at head office if you are planning any merchandise so that we can approve the idea and use of CanToo intellectual property. 
  • The new logo will be reserved for official brand use but we can provide you with the correct type fonts, colours and wording to use for your approved fundraising merchandise.
  • Please send final artwork to head office to receive approval before production moves forward.