Summer Training Program

01 Jul 2020

Summer Training Program


With restrictions easing and the sun coming out, there has never been a better time to start a summer training program. Whether you like running, swimming or even both, there is just something so brilliant by getting out, enjoying the warm weather and getting fit all at the same time. With Can Too Foundation, we know that it can be a little bit hard to shake off that winter stiffness but we have a range of training programs to help you get back into it. We train participants for a multitude of run and swim events so we are sure to have a training program what will suit you and get you fitter and healthier than ever. The best thing about training with us for an event? Not only are you doing something great for yourself and your health but you always have the opportunity to raise some much-needed funds for cancer research. From one-kilometre swims, half marathons and even run to swim events, there are plenty of opportunities and incentives to get training for. Check out our events and get in contact with us so we can help you with a summer training program that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, while raising money for a good cause.


Benefits of Beach Training


Even if you are not training for a run to swim event this summer, incorporating the beach into your training program is a great way to diversify your workout and make some extra fitness gains. The beach is one of our greatest natural resources, a perfect backdrop to get a workout in and also makes a fantastic training ground. Running on sand is a little tougher than on the road or the footpath, especially in the soft sand, creating a stronger resistance to push through. This can mean an increase in the calories you burn while also strengthening the muscles in your legs. It can also strengthen your ankle and foot muscles, which is great for those who are really looking to improve their running. The soft sand also is less impact on your joints so you can get that extra work out without as much pressure. The beach is a stunning and peaceful backdrop for any workout at any time of the day so no matter how hard you are grinding, have the sound of the waves and beautiful sprawling sea as your line of vision, really boosts serotonin. Other than the sand, the water is not only a great place to work out in. Similar to the soft sand, running through the water creates resistance but it is also low impact on your joints, which is great for those with injuries and soreness who are looking for a training program to build up strength. Swimming is also a great work out, which is why training for a swim event always gets you fit! The best bit though? After all that hard work, you can go for a dip to cool off afterwards.


How Much Exercise Should You Be Getting?


With the disruptions brought on by COVID19, like gym closures, working from home and all those particular factors, as Australia opens up again, getting back to normal can be a challenge. Whether you are normally a fit person who has dropped off from their workouts and thrown their training program out the window, somebody who realised in lockdown that they want to get fitter and healthier or somebody who threw themselves almost obsessively into working out during the restrictions and is looking to create fitness habits that fit into their everyday life, knowing just how much exercise you should be getting can be mystifying. The Department of Health recommends that people should be getting at least an hour of vigorous movement a day, with some form of strength training being done at least three times a week. Now this can be difficult to gauge, as vigorous can mean different things for different people and especially if you are new to working out, it can be hard to get motivated. That is why undertaking a Can Too training program is so beneficial. Not only does it give you a schedule to stick to, with various events happening you have a goal to work too, keeping you on track. Our training programs are run and developed by expert trainers so we can help you ensure that you are incorporating the right amount of movement into your lifestyle to keep you fit and healthy.