Share your Hall of Fame achievement with new Can Too Facebook profile frames

26 Mar 2021

We have a new gift for our Can Too Hall of Famers

If you are a Can Too Hall of Famer (HoF) we have designed two new Facebook profile frames to share your achievement and support your fundraising with your Facebook friends.

You can upload one of the new Can Too HoF Profile Picture Frames to your Facebook account. 

You can also add a message and link to your fundraising page, in the ‘updated your profile pic’ post.

By uploading a Can Too Hall of Fame frame it’s an eye-catching way to share your fundraising achievement and another way to support your fundraising for the Can Too Foundation.

Please see the new frames pictured below, there are two options to choose from to find the best fit for your profile picture. Please see further below an example of a ‘updated your profile pic' post.

Please click on the image below to view the full instructions to add the Hall of Fame Facebook frame on a computer. For instructions on how to update on your mobile see further below. If you have any questions please email: 

Please see instructions below on how to update your Facebook profle on a mobile.