Can Too Coach Jaryd Grantham’s running and fitness tips

31 Jul 2020

Jaryd Grantham, Exercise physiologist and Can Too Coach for the GC50 Brisbane Pod, advice on how you Can Too achieve your running goal is to remember:

It’s the journey before the destination

“It’s the good and bad days and the friends that you make along the way that makes the journey worthwhile. It’s being a healthier and happier person as well as fundraising for cancer research that is the destination.”

By knowing that you’re doing something to help people with cancer or preventing others from getting cancer in the future is a great reason to keep running.

His advice on how to train for your running goal:

Consistency is key

  • Keep moving to allow your body to adapt. For adaptation your body needs a consistent stimulus to adapt to that stimulus.
  • The minimum run sessions you should be doing for beginners is two sessions a week and up that to three for quicker results.
  • An example of a long-term fitness structure would be to do three runs a week with a cross training session. Cross training is anything you would like to do as long as it’s not high impact, such as swimming and cycling, Pilates, yoga, cross Fit or F45 as long as there’s no jumping.

Benefits of Cross Training

  • Varying your workouts can improve your performance and reduce the risk of overuse injuries. By participating in different activities, such as running, weight training, hiking, dancing, Bootcamp classes or biking, you limit the stress on one specific muscle group because different activities use muscles in slightly different ways.

 Make time to rest

  • Make sure to have 24 hours rest in between running sessions and listen to your body when you need rest days to make sure your body can recover.