Run training Covid safety tips

24 Jul 2020

We all know, by now, the importance of good hygiene and maintaining physical distance from each other at all times, including before and after a training session. By doing these two simple things, we can help to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

Here are some simple tips to keep us all safe:

  • Avoid all kinds of physical greetings – if you can touch each other, you are probably closer than 1.5m
  • Have your own, clearly marked water bottle at training
  • Carry your own water and nutrition on longer training runs – ask your Coach, TC or Mentor about running vests or belts
  • When meeting up at the start or finish of your sessions, use large, open, relatively quiet spaces that allow you to easily maintain your distance while still being able to hear each other. If you are struggling to hear, get people to raise their voices – don’t move in closer
  • Stagger the starts to your runs – set off in small numbers a few seconds apart, with faster runners first – don’t start as one large pack
  • Be aware of your surroundings on the run – in particular, the width of pavements or tracks. In narrow sections, run single file rather than side by side
  • Consider getting take-out coffees after your run and moving to an open, uncrowded area, rather than sitting down at the café.


If we establish these simple habits, we can do our part to keep NSW up and running.