4 Tips For New Endurance Swimmers

by Kadie Goodchild 14 Mar 2018

As Summer leaves and we approach Autumn, what better way than to spend your days in an indoor pool supporting a good cause?

If you’re new to endurance swimming and feeling a little nervous, Can Too offers supportive training programs that allows you to push yourself in a safe environment.

Our qualified coaches will coach you on breathing and stroke techniques and how to build up endurance for the long distance.  With our swim season in full swing, we have put together a few helpful tips to ensure you’re safely training towards your big swim.

1. Breathing Technique

Learning the correct breathing pattern will be one of the first things our coaches teach you. A good breathing pattern helps you feel more relaxed and maximises your performance. A common mistake for a lot of new swimmers is holding their breath under water which creates too much buoyancy against the waves.

Golden Rule: Exhaling into the water is the most important part of a good breathing pattern.

2. Stroke Technique

While we encourage you to pursue training in your own time, our coaches will help perfect your stroke technique. Having someone there to support you, allows them to address any issues with your technique and help work on improvement. It’s important to fix these issues before they form into a habit!

3. Quality Over Quantity

If you’re one of our more novice swimmers, we encourage you to start swimming 2-3 times a week for shorter time periods. A lot of new swimmers try to push for as long as they can, but a poor technique will only make it harder! Improving your technique in shorter sessions will maximise your performance and build your endurance.

4. Patience

Like all of our events, we encourage you to start slow and gradually increase your workout times and interval training. A lot of training consists of breaking old habits and creating new ones, so sometimes it takes a while to feel as though you’re making any improvements. Please remain patient, trust your coach and remember all good things come to those who wait!

So if you’re thinking of breaking up your normal workout routine and you’re looking to support a good cause, then doing an ocean swim could be just what you need!

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