Spotlight on Can Too running Coach Catherine Bolshesolsky

01 Jul 2021

Catherine Bolshesolsky is a running coach for Can Too’s Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 10km program. Find out more about her including her advice on how you Can Too run 10km and experience the joy of running.

Can Too role: 

Running Coach.

Trains Can Tooers at: 

Hills pod + Sikh Youth Australia

My advice on how you CAN TOO run 10km: 

Train consistently and trust the process, it’s what you do consistently over time rather than going crazy with training too soon. Also don’t over think it and enjoy the journey not just the final goal.

Day job: 

Running Coach, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and more.

Originally from:

Rugby in the UK. It’s where the game originated, at Rugby School, in 1823.


A young 51, my key to keeping young is an active lifestyle.

Favourite motivational quote:

‘I’ll be happy if running and I can grow old together’ (from Haruki Murakami author of What I Talk About When I Talk About Running).

I’m listening to: 

Old school tunes -- Pet Shop Boys, INXS, George Michael, Duran Duran, Annie Lennox and dance music mixed by Tiesto and Martin Garrix.

My favourite book and film: 

Harry Potter series for both. And book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. 

Go to meal post-race:

A cappuccino with eggs on gluten free toast and avocado and often a nut bar if breakfast was delayed.

I’m Inspired by:

Turia Pitt, such a brave, determined, inspiring woman and athlete and

Paula Radcliffe, the British Marathoner, still holds the women's Marathon World Record of 2:15.25 from 2003.

I started my running career with a 5.5km run in London in her mid 20s, to raise money for a community centre.

Even though I had very sore calves after the first run/walk training session, I took to it straight away and have never looked back.

The endorphin hit and the greatly improved fitness were drawcards however the main reason I love running is being outside, in pleasant surroundings like parkland or by the water. 

I enjoy the individual aspect of running, the sense of achievement from personal bests (PBs) and overcoming the challenges of distance running. 

I also love the social connections running creates, through different running groups and seeing familiar faces at events. There’s great camaraderie and opportunities for post-run coffees and breakfasts.

After I moved to Sydney I ran my first City2Surf in 2003.

I managed to run the whole way from the Back of the Pack and loved it. In 2004 my brother and I both entered the SMH Half Marathon. We didn't run together but it was wonderful to share the experience with him. That was the first of my over 20 half marathons -- my favourite distance.

When someone challenged me to live my passions by doing what I love for work I changed my career.

I completed a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and started work as a full time Personal Trainer. My long-term client and I both ran our first (my only) full marathon on the Gold Coast in 2008.  It was very special to share our achievement.

I started doing Pilates with a Sydney Dance instructor, his classical style appealed to me straight away.

Pilates has been an essential component of both my own training and for training others ever since. I completed a Pilates Mat certification and extensive training with a studio. I now teach Pilates mat classes and over-55s Gentle Exercise and Tai Chi.

I love sharing the achievements of those I’ve coached as they complete events and to see them experience the same buzz from running that I get

I like encouraging people when they are 'down' about occasional lack of progress to then see them achieve a PB and grow stronger physically and mentally.

Training for an event like Blackmores is about the journey -- the whole experience along the way and not just the final goal.

When your race goes well it’s the icing on the cake. If it doesn’t go right on race day it’s not the end the world. It’s important to set out to enjoy the experience and to learn about yourself. There’s a place for being competitive and challenge yourself with goals but if you don’t realise your intended time, especially if you’re coming back from injury you can focus on enjoying the experience, you’ll still felt the endorphins.

My advice to new runners is to learn to listen to your body and respect what it’s telling you, which takes some practice.

If you get a niggle don’t ignore it, if gets worse, you may have to stop running which can ruin the experience.

Often starting can be a slog but by persevering through those stages you can experience the joy of running.

See Catherine's strength and conditioning exercises for runners here.

Plus see Catherine presenting a Pilates workout in below video.

Can Too's Blackmores Half Marathon and 10km run programs are now open, but regos close soon. Find out more and register here