Maximise your fundraising by communicating differently

by Fi Moran 27 Oct 2016

People are more likely to donate to your cause if you send them a personalised email or give them a call.
Before you contact your potential sponsors, it’s useful to identify your donors fundraising personalities so you can streamline your story to peak their interest.     

Approaching potential donors by their personality type is an important step in your fundraising strategy.
Every day we alter our communications to suit our individual relationships and this same notion should be applied when identifying and communicating with our potential donors.
If someone is supportive and bubbly they are more likely to donate due to your passion and enthusiasm; whereas an analytical person will be far more likely to respond to facts and figures.

To help you understand how to approach each individual donor we've split the archetypical fundraising personalities into 4 key groups.

1. Alpha’s

Alpha’s loves action. They are competitive & impulsive. Alpha’s communicate in a direct fashion. They speak out of need and don’t like to engage in gossip.

Donation style: Most likely to respond to participant’s challenges & competitive notions. Alpha’s also feel a sense of pride when other people can see their altruistic side.

2. Beta’s

Beta’s love serving and nurturing society. Beta’s are natural managers. They are loyal, disciplined and can be cautious. Beta’s like to follow the rules and get along with most people. Beta’s prefer to communicate literally. They like to speak about tangible subjects relevant to the real world.

Donation style: Most likely to respond to a personal story that combines real facts & figures.

3. Delta’s

Delta’s love problem-solving. They are analytical, sceptical and at times can seem reserved. Delta’s like comparing ideas and images and are often focused on the future and endless possibilities.

Donation style: focus on facts, breakthroughs in research and the possibilities that their donation could make to future research. Using graphs, images or comparison charts will inspire and engage Delta’s to donate in light of the possibilities.

4. Sigma’s

Sigma’s are passionate, emotional & caring at heart. They are always striving for personal growth and development. Sigma’s loves helping others and they are often drawn to working with people. They like to express themselves through storytelling, metaphors and analogies. Sigma’s focus on harmony in all of their interactions.

Donation style: Most likely to respond to passionate stories or personal achievements. Love pictures, fun anecdotes and tend to feel a sense of accomplishment when helping others meet their goals.


Most people fit into one or more of the fundraising personality types.

Now you have an idea of what makes different fundraising persona's tick, why not start writing your blog with each personality group in mind!

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