Annie’s Gratitude Challenge – what are you grateful for?

21 May 2020

Can Too Founder Annie Crawford shares how even recognising the smallest things to be grateful for such as being able to enjoy a cup of coffee has the power to transform our health and wellbeing.

“I’m grateful for small things such as enjoying a cup of coffee with my husband Simon and admiring the beauty of a rose in my garden, to on a global level being grateful to be in my home country and not be struggling with poverty compounded with COVID -19 in a developing county,” said Annie.   

Each morning Annie expresses what she’s grateful for as a way to keep positive during these trying times of Covid-19 isolation.

Annie explained how being grateful can rewire our brains’ negative pathways and make us a lot happier.

“Whilst you’re feeling positive and grateful, you cannot feel negative in that moment,” said Annie.

The strategy is an easy way to remember to look at what’s positive and what makes us happy rather than focusing on our own problems. It’s a great way to reset your mindset and keep a positive outlook.

“From my studies of Positive psychology I found that there is more and more evidence around gratitude being beneficial for health and wellbeing,” said Annie.

“The practice is to focus on what you have as oppose to what you’re missing out on. By paying attention to positive things, such as friends and family, our health and fitness, we have the power to transform our health and wellbeing and the more you pay attention to those things the more resilient you become as well.

I want to share the practice of active gratitude with the Can Too community. The Gratitude Challenge is simply answering a simple question: What am I grateful for today? It can be as big as being grateful to be alive or as small as a warm cup of tea on a cold day, I just want to know what fills our Can Too Community with gratitude.” 

Watch Annie’s video below to see what she’s grateful for today.

So, what are you grateful for today?  Please share what you’re grateful for today on Can Too’s Run and Swim FB page