4 Exercises To Create A Strong Running Body

by iMove Physiotherapy 22 May 2017
Drills for a Strong Running Body


Posted by Can Too Run and Swim on Monday, May 22, 2017


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Hi, I’m Bridget from iMove Physio. I’m going to run through a couple of drills today to help you build a strong running body.

#1. The Crab Walk

You’ll need a loop of theraband or just a rubber band. You’re going to wrap it around your ankle, and we’re just going to walk sideways. You’re in a little bit of a bent position, you’re sticking your bottom out the back, knees are slightly bent, and you’re just walking sideways.

The aim with this exercise is just to get your glutes firing. We want to start waking up and warming up those muscles that will then help you have a really nice and square pelvis whilst you’re running. That’s your crab walk exercise.

I get people to do that one to fatigue, which means your bum should be on fire when you finish that one.

#2. Single Leg Bridge

Lie flat on the ground for this exercise, with one leg lifted.

The movement is lifting your hip up toward the roof, before controlling the movement back down.

This exercise is aiming to keep the pelvis nice and level. You should start to feel it in your bottom and in your hamstring. I really like this one because it gets your core working with your glutes at the same time.

Aim to do 3 sets of 10. As they begin to get easier, increase the reps.

#3. Single Leg Squat

This is really important to practice your stability whilst you’re in that single-leg stance when you’re running. I like to do this one barefoot, because it works on your foot, ankle, and knee control as well.

Hips want to stay nice and square. Pop your hands and you’re just lowering down into a single leg squat. We’re looking for the hips to stay parallel to the ground, and making sure that knee is staying on top of the toes, and not crashing in.

When you get a little bit better at this one you can work deeper into the single leg squat. When that becomes really easy and you’ve got really nice control: that’s where you can add on the band around the knees.

#4. Single Leg Squat (With Band Around Knees)

This makes your bottom work a little bit harder, and really challenges that stability.

Lift up, pressing out into the band. It’s the same principle with this leg: the hips stay square, and keep your the knee on top of your toes. That’s your advanced single-leg squat.

Aim for 3 sets of 8 – 10. As they get easier and you can do more, you progress through to finishing with this exercise.

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