Higher Cardiorespiratory Fitness Levels Linked to Lower Cancer Risk in Men

17 Jul 2023

A new research study of men in Sweden reveals that higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) may offer protection against colon and lung cancer, as well as reducing the risk of death lung and prostate cancer.

Over 177,700 Swedish men were followed for almost ten years in this research study. Each participant reported all physical activities, lifestyle and overall health. A CRF test was performed to help establish the maximum oxygen capacity while conducting the Astrand Bike Test, an aerobic fitness exercise.

During follow-up, researchers discovered 1918 prostate, 499 colon, and 283 lung cancer cases, as well as 141 prostate, 207 lung, and 152 colon cancer-related deaths.

As a result, it showed that having a higher CRF level was linked to a significantly lower risk of death from prostate and lung cancer and a significantly lower risk of the occurrence of colon cancer.

“The finding of this study suggest that cardiorespiratory fitness may have a potentially important role in reducing the risk of developing and dying from certain cancers in men” according to the study authors.

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