Message from the CEO – September 2018

28 Sep 2018

Dear Can Too, 

My monthly messages from now on will be focussed on updating you on how we’re using your feedback from the annual survey to continue improving the Can Too Foundation and strengthen our relationship with you, and sharing other important information.

To that end, this has been an incredible month, with the community rallying behind decisions made using your feedback, showing working together is the best way forward as the Can Too Foundation continues to evolve.

Join Us At the $20 Million Party.

In the thirteen years of operation, Can Too has raised an incredible $20 Million for cancer research and prevention, while training over 15,000 participants for runs, trail runs, ocean swim, triathlons. As an important part of this achievement, please join us on Thursday 11 October to celebrate.


Vote for Our Next International Marathon.

In the community survey you said you want greater input into choosing international marathons. Our goal is to create a strong local community that embarks on an unforgettable fitness travel experience together. After three years, we’ve learnt that we do best when we offer just one international marathon per year. Help us choose the next international marathons by taking this 90 second survey. 

Vote Now

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Wrap-Up. 

Thank you to the 252 participants that trained with the Can Too Foundation, including our corporate training programs, a significant increase since last year. Our Blackmores participants are currently on track to raise an incredible $350,000 for cancer research and prevention.

This makes Can Too yet again the highest fundraising team at Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. Our focus on positive, supportive fitness education programs that invest back into the community is making great strides. Particular thanks goes to all the volunteers that helped us on event day.

Ocean Swim Training Expansion & Waitlists.

Your feedback led to our decision to take a season off triathlon training to offer more space for beginner ocean swimmers. We now know this was the right decision, achieving record-breaking participation for the second year in a row, less than four weeks after registrations opened. 

We’ve since added four additional lanes for swimmers and the program can not be expanded any further.

Waitlist spaces are available. As we fill waitlist spaces, it often creates vacancies at other sessions. If you’ve currently missed out, please request a space, the waitlists change fast and we’ve been successful in accommodating most requests so far.

New Refer-a-Friend Policy 

You asked us, via the annual community survey and our post-program surveys, to simplify our refer-a-friend policy. We have actioned this feedback, announced last month, effective from Friday 31 August.

In summary – for every first-timer you introduce to Can Too, we’ll give you 25% off your fundraising commitment. Referral rewards are unlimited, can be used in conjunction with loyalty rewards, and are applied once we close registrations for that program.

We genuinely want you to be rewarded, so have removed all the loopholes, leaving a few very simple rules. 

New First-Timer Guarantee

It’s simpler than ever to sign up friends and family – and get your referral reward. If it’s your first-time registering with Can Too, you get a no-risk satisfaction guarantee. This policy is advertised on all of our event pages so it’s clear to our visitors that there is nothing to risk and everything to gain when joining Can Too for the first time.

Peter McLean, CEO, Can Too Foundation

With regards,

Peter McLean

Chief Executive Officer
Can Too Foundation

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