7 Ways to Help Aching Muscles

by fisiocrem 11 Aug 2016

How do you normally feel at night after working on your yard all day, or cleaning your home? You would rather not move for several hours, right? Essentially, when this happens your muscles will be aching and telling you to stop so that they can recover. In the following sections, we will help you learn how to help aching muscles recover faster. Read on to learn more:

1. Move More

Although aching muscles might make you feel tempted to simply flop onto your couch with a cold drink in hand, resist the temptation. Instead, try moving a little more. Of course, you need to be slow and gentle in your movements so that you do not cause further damage.

By moving, you will get the blood flowing towards your sore and aching muscles. As a result, this will ensure you recover faster. Good suggestions include walking around the neighborhood, the block or around your house. Alternatively, raise your hands above your head and breathe deeply.

2. Stretch

Before falling into your recliner or futon, ensure you stretch your muscles. This will prevent them from stiffening up – thereby ensuring that they become more flexible and pliable. As oxygen drifts towards the muscles, it will speed up the recovery process.

Whether you choose unique personal stretches, Pilates, or yoga, you can be sure that stretching aching muscles will provide fast relief. What is more, muscles contain stretch receptors, which will improve your mood.

3. Drink Water

If you wish to hydrate your body, you need water – not alcohol or caffeine. By consuming water, your body will naturally provide oxygen to the aching and injured muscle groups, thereby ensuring they recover faster.

4. Massage

Alternatively, gently message all the overworked muscles. This will prompt the flow of nutrient-rich blood through the muscles, thereby replenishing them. Where possible, get someone to perform the massage on your behalf.

5. Protein

After exerting your body, your muscles will be depleted of energy and oxygen. This might be one of the reasons why they ache. To deal with the problem, therefore, consider taking protein from such natural sources as quinoa, lentils, nuts, lean meats, poultry, and/or fish.

6. Soak It Up

Warm baths have been known to cure many ills. However, if you are looking for tips on how to help aching muscles heal, you need to take a warm bath that will ease your stiff muscles.

It is also highly likely that a warm bath will enable you to sleep better, meaning that you will wake up feeling refreshed and revived. In case you are brave enough, try a hot/cold treatment by alternating the water temperatures every few minutes (ie 3 minutes hot as you can handle and 30 seconds cool but not cold). This will open your blood vessels and help you heal faster.

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