Annie Crawford's Trail Race Week Tips

by Annie Crawford AM 13 Aug 2018

Race Week – You did it!!!

Here are a few of my tried and tested races tips! Remember: this is just like any other Saturday long run, with a few extra people to navigate around!

This Week

  • Don’t overtrain in the last week of training – it will do more harm than good.
  • Get plenty of rest for the remainder of the week and don’t worry if you don’t sleep really well on Friday/Saturday night. This is normal (it won’t wreck your event).
  • Increase your low GI foods in the week leading up to the run.
  • Cut your toenails!

2 Days Before Race Day

  • Drink lots of water – your wee should be clear.
  • Eat a good meal in the evening – some carbohydrate such as pasta or rice with a small amount of protein eg tuna. Don’t eat rich food and don’t drink alcohol.

1 Day Before Race Day

  • Before you go to bed put all your clothes by your bedside including your undies and socks. Get your gels ready, hydration vest and anything else that you will need. You must carry at least 500ml of water for this event. Check your gear and make sure all is in order. This will really help you to feel less nervous.
  • Don’t wear anything new or different on race day- golden rule – try nothing new.
  • Don’t shave your legs or under arms on race day – they can sting when you sweat.

Blackmores Half Marathon starts Wed 15 June

Race Day

  • Get up in plenty of time so that you are not stressing out. Leave plenty of time to get to the event. Make sure you are there at least 20 minutes before you need to meet the Can Too Team. You will need to use the loo, drop off gear etc.
  • Breakfast: Eat whatever you have been eating on your long run day.
  • If you can’t eat that early bring a gel or other nutrition (only as practiced).
  • Try and flush out your system before the run (number 2) eg. I drink coffee but other techniques work for other people.
  • Put on your Vaseline on all areas that you may chafe or get blisters – blokes may want to cover their nipples. If your Can Too singlet is too tight under the arms, you can cut it. It will not fray.
  • Drink on the run!!

Race Strategy

  • We have all done a lot of work on knowing our pace up and down hills, stairs and tricky terrain – everybody should know what pace they will be running on the day. Make sure you stay back – warm up for the first couple of km’s – just keep your pace.
  • Your coach, teams captains and mentors will be there to run with different people at different times.
  • Don’t get tempted to go out with other over zealous people who don’t know about pacing. Keep your pace and you will pick people off as you get further into the race.
  • Stick to your race plan and the rest will look after itself.
  • Don’t panic if you can’t get over the line at the beginning – your time will only be taken when you cross the official start line. Don’t press your watch until you go over the start line (not when the gun goes off). Consistency is also important on the day.
  • Remember to watch your posture (don’t slouch when you are tired). Stand tall, slight lean from the pelvis, arms relaxed at 90 degree angle, not crossing the midline, hands relaxed.
  • Shorten your stride when going up hills (power over the top).
  • Take care on the downhill slopes.
  • Be light on your feet – ie. all the things we have practiced at training.
  • Know that you are mentally and physically capable of dealing with what happens on the day. Have more than one goal so that whatever happens you will be a winner on the day. Remember the journey is as important as Race Day and you have all been on an incredible journey – you are all winners. Everything may not go perfectly on race day but enjoy the scenery, being part of the event and high fives to family and friends. You are all incredible!
  • If you have family or friends supporting on the day, please tell them to cheer on every single person they see in a Can Too shirt. This is so motivational when the going gets tough.

Everyone is looking forward to meeting your family and friends at our post race celebration after the race!

Above all - Have Fun!! Enjoy yourself!!! Congratulations for everything you have done!!

- Annie xx

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