Congratulations to our Hall of Famers of the Month

06 Nov 2020

We’d like to acknowledge our current crop of Hall of Famers*


The Can Too Hall of Fame is how we recognise our most loyal fundraisers for their dedication to cancer research and prevention. You'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame once you fundraise $5,000 and we'll celebrate your achievement each time you raise an additional $5,000.

Thank you to our latest Hall of Famers of the month:

$30,000 Hall of Fame

Lana Casey (pictured above second from right)

Lana swam 27km – the length of the Northern Beaches with her siblings to reach her fundraising goal, find out more.

$20,000 Hall of Fame 

Andrea Garrett

$15,000 Hall of Fame

Mirek Craney (pictured below) 

$10,000 Hall of Fame  

Paula Harris  

Christopher Jones 

Jodie Sale (pictured below on the right) 

Megan Taslaman

Drew Wade (pictured futher below)

A special thank you to Drew who celebrated her $10k HOF status by bringing in an orange feast to the Can Too office. 

$5,000 Hall of Fame 

Ro Evans (pictured below centre) 

Geraldine Murphy 

**Valid at time of report generated 1/10/20