Bumper weekend of Can Too swims

23 Apr 2021

Thank you to the over 60 Can Tooers who conquered the 2021 Balmoral Swim for Cancer and Cooly Classic ocean swims on Sunday to raise over $50,000 for Australian cancer research.

Thanks to our Can Too community we have now raised over $24 million since 2005 for Australian cancer research and prevention. Can Too have funded over 180 cancer research projects and this year we are able to fund at least nine fulltime Australian cancer researchers, including Dr Emmy Fleuren.

Dr Emmy Fleuren is dedicated to improving the cure rate of children with sarcoma in the lab and in the pool. She is a Can Too cancer research grant recipient, fundraiser and ambassador. Dr Fleuren is undertaking Can Too’s Autumn swim program and will achieve her first ocean swim this weekend at the Sydney Harbour Splash find out more.

At the Balmoral Swim for Cancer on 18 April Can Tooer, Tim Wright showed determination to complete his first 5km swim. He also won Can Too’s I Can Too Challenge for sharing his journey to complete the goal.

“It finally happened...today I completed the Balmoral 5km ocean swim as a part of the @cantoorunswim program to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. I definitely don’t think I could have done it two months ago but with the help of my amazing coaches and swim pod I made it. Super humbled by the generosity and determination of all the people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and gotten to spend the last couple of months with. Also very proud of how far I’ve come in such a short period of time. This experience has really shown me that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, all you need to remember is to #justkeepswimming.” Wrote Tim in one of his Instagram posts.

Can Too Hall of Famer Valerie Agapides shares why she loves Can Too in the below Balmoral 21 Highlights video.

“Can Too gives her the courage to face her fears, work towards goals with friends with care with guidance to raise money for cancer research. “I love Can Too”.

North of the border 17 Can Tooers took on the Cooly Classic ocean swim in Coolangatta. Eilish Cleaver was a star performer who shaved 10 minutes off her time from her last Cooly Classic swim.

She was honoured by her fellow Can Tooers who created a guard of honour at the shore as she approached the finish line to complete her goal. Check out in below video.


Thank you for leaving an incredible legacy to cancer research funding that will thrive way beyond you swimming to the finish line.

You have also made a difference to your own health and fitness, and that is a priceless gift to yourself in preventing many cancers, as well as helping your mental wellbeing.

Thank you to the wonderful Can Too Coaches Mentors and Team Captains who helped motivate, support, empower and inspire the swimmers to get outside their comfort zones, to reach their goals.

I hope the pride and sense of achievement is giving you a lovely orange glow!