Where do your fundraising dollars go?

20 Aug 2020

This has been a challenging year for all of us, particularly those directly affected by bushfires, floods and the COVID 19 pandemic. Lives have been lost, the health of many has been threatened, and many jobs and businesses have ceased or are under threat. What we are experiencing is placing immense pressure on wellbeing, health and finances across the community.

Can Too Foundation is not and has not been immune to this. While the Can Too community has raised over $23 million in the past, due to COVID19 we have had to curtail many of our programs to protect the health of everyone involved, and many goal events are now cancelled or deferred.

We temporarily paused all fundraising and now we are responding with new ways of doing things to ensure we continue to support our community in addressing their fitness and broader wellbeing goals.

We also recognise that many people are less able to participate or offer financial support at the moment so Can Too Foundation have reduced the fundraising targets of our programs to the lowest in our 15 year history. This recognises the impact of the current crisis on our participant’s ability to reach out to their friends and family for fundraising at this time.

We remain committed to our dual purpose – to support our community to achieve health, fitness, wellbeing and fundraising goals and invest in research to better prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

We will continue providing great programs with professional coaches to improve participant's physical and mental health, reduce cancer risk, and promote a strong, supportive community. And, despite the impact on fundraising we are not pausing our funding of cancer research. In 2020, we have continued to commit funding to 11 amazing cancer researchers, and in 2021 we will fund at least five more.

Can Too Foundation is proud of the level of committed research funding. Nevertheless, our projections indicate that fundraising directed to research will decline during this pandemic as funds are directed to providing training programs and supporting the Foundation.

As a registered charity, we will always be careful with every single dollar we spend and completely transparent in our reporting. Can Too Foundation has reviewed and adjusted its strategy and, when economic conditions improve, the Foundation will resume research funding at previous levels as soon as possible.

The Can Too community is strong and unique. At this crucial time, donations directed to support Can Too Foundation can improve the amount we direct to cancer research. So we’re reaching out to you, our amazing community, and your network, to help fill the gap.


You can help by: