You Can Too protect yourself this summer

04 Sep 2019

Protecting yourself from the sun this summer just got a whole lot easier with the launch of the first sunscreen stations in the country. Can Too Foundation has partnered with Sunscreen Stations Australia to promote this initiative to help protect more Aussies from skin cancer.

The automatic sunscreen stations were launched this morning at Bondi on a sunny spring day, with Can Too CEO, Peter McLean, Lisa Wallis, a Sydney mother and partner of Sunscreen Stations Australia and Ed Joris, General Manager, Sunscreen Stations Australia.

Peter McLean from Can Too is excited to partner with an organisation that makes sunscreen readily accessible to more people.

“It was a perfect symmetry for Can Too to get behind this great initiative of Sunscreen Stations Australia, as we want to promote a healthy and active beach lifestyle by teaching people to ocean swim yet we want to reinforce how important it is to protect yourself from the sun,” said Peter.

“As skin cancer is the most common cancer in Australia, with it being around 80 per cent of all newly diagnosed cancers and it is one of the most preventable,” continued Peter.

“By being sun safe you reduce your risks of skin cancer significantly which unlike other cancers such as pancreatic, there is no easy preventative option. As summer is on our doorstep it’s more important than ever to be sun safe and Sunscreen Stations Australia provides a convenient, easy and affordable way to help do this.”

As research shows that if Australians used just five per cent more sunscreen each year, by 2031 there would be 28,071 fewer incidences of melanoma a year.

Sunscreen Stations Australia partner, Lisa Wallis was driven to be part of a company that helps protect more people from skin cancer as her father was diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 melanoma. He is thankfully now in remission so cancer prevention and cancer research, which Can Too raises funds for, are causes close to her heart.

Sunscreen Stations Australia will begin installing stations in outdoor locations throughout Australia, so people can have affordable and easy access to sunscreen when they need it most.

The Sunscreen Stations involve a simple three step process with affordable cashless payment, providing sunscreen with up to four hours sun protection with TGA approved SPF50+ sunscreen that’s safe for children and sensitive skin.

The goal is to have one in every major beach, school, park and outdoor event in the next five years. #sunscreenstation #sunscreen 

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