8 Tips to a Successful Fundraising Page

by Fi Moran 26 Oct 2016

To maximise your fundraising journey it’s essential that you take the time to set up your fundraising page! You don’t need to spend hours writing a novel or posing for the perfect picture! Our platform is easy to use and by following the below tips you can set up the perfect fundraising page in minutes!

1. A great profile picture speaks a thousand words!

It can be fun, silly, moving or just a great selfie you’re proud to showcase to the world! Regardless of the theme of your pic, it’s important that your potential donors can identify you as the owner of this page.

2. Your intro message is key to your fundraising story!

Letting your potential sponsors know why you decided to take on this fitness & fundraising challenge is a great way at enticing donations. Is your challenge going to be a fun adventure, a personal challenge or a supportive mission!

3. Increase your fundraising target!

If you raise your fundraising target your odds of receiving larger and more frequent donations increases (increasing your fundraising target will not alter your minimum fundraising commitment)!

4. Set the tone by donating big at the beginning!

Make sure your first couple of donations are big ones! Whether this is a family member, workplace or personal donation when you start the donations on a high they are more likely to remain in this zone!

People often view your previous donations before deciding on the amount they wish to contribute. If the first couple of donations are around $10 you should expect a lot of donations around the $5 — $20 mark. If the first couple of donations are in the $50 &dmash; $100 range, you should expect a lot more donations over $40+!

5. Write a weekly, fortnightly or monthly blog!

Sending out a blog is a fun way to update potential sponsors on your fitness & fundraising progress! Remember most people take up to seven requests before they donate to a cause — whether they’re waiting for pay day, haven’t got around to it yet or want to donate closer to your event day, it’s your job to keep reminding your supporters about your fitness & fundraising journey!

6. Thank everyone for donating to your page!

You can send thank you emails or Facebook posts directly from your fundraising page. Thanking your donors on Facebook is an excellent way of advertising your fitness & fundraising journey as interested parties can click on the thank you post and be directed to your fundraising page.

7. Recruit your friends and reduce your fundraising!

We now give you 25% off your fundraising for EVERY first-time participant you introduce to Can Too! Full details are available in this article.