Investing in Cancer Research

Investing in Research Across All Cancers

Can Too Foundation believes in funding research across all cancer types, including rare cancers. We support early-career cancer research grants and major cancer research projects for one year at a time, with a commitment to continue providing support in future years for multi-year grants and projects.

A single cancer research grant may work across multiple research areas, for multiple years. The summary indicates individual years of support provided by Can Too for each cancer research type, where a single cancer research grant or major cancer research project may be reflected in multiple categories.

Blood Cancers

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Bowel Cancer

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Brain Cancer

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Breast Cancer

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Cancer Genetics & Biology

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Cancer Prevention

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Cancer Treatment

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Children's Cancers

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Gynaecological Cancers

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Lung Cancer

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Pancreatic Cancer

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Prostate Cancer

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Rare Cancers

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Skin Cancers

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