Can Too Foundation has trained over 17,000 people and has provided $24M for cancer research. We can nevertheless do more for the health and fitness of our community, as well as for cancer research. We want to grow and we want to support more programs in more locations. This however requires the Can Too infrastructure to be adequately funded.

What is the Can Too Circle?

The Can Too Circle is a group of passionate and committed individuals who have either benefited from their Can Too program participation and/or who understand the incredible impact that fitness has on people’s health and wellbeing, as well as the importance of cancer research. 

The Can Too Circle meets around three times a year in order to exchange ideas about Can Too and its future, and is joined by the Can Too Executive and Board Directors. This allows a unique and inside understanding of how the organisation is progressing, as well as the opportunity to directly put forward ideas and suggestions to contribute to strategic planning and decision making.

As a member of the Can Too Circle individuals now have an opportunity to have a greater impact by giving back to the sustainability of the organisation itself.  

The Can Too Foundation is seeking like-minded members of the Can Too community and other passionate donors to come together and donate funds to enable the sustainability of the Can Too Foundation. 

Help us to help more people to become fit and active, and thus raise more money for cancer research. We are gladly accepting yearly donations of $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 or more is always welcome of course!

If you would like more detail or you have any questions regarding the Circle, please contact