Investing in Cancer Research


In Australia, an estimated


New cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2017

Can Too has invested in

24 researchers

working on cancer treatments.

Can Too Cancer Research Cancer Treatment

Since 1984 survival rates are

20% higher

thanks to cancer research.

What Are Cancer Treatments?

Most cancers are treated with surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Treatments such as hormone therapy, immunotherapy and targets therapies are also available for some types of cancers.

Dr Bree Foley of the Telethon Kids Institute at the University of WA (UWA) has been interested in immunology – the study of the body’s immune system – since she started her undergraduate career at UWA in 2000. “I find it fascinating how intricate the immune system is and how it works constantly to keep us from harm,” she says.

Bree is excited that harnessing of the body’s own resources to fight cancer is, increasingly, becoming a clinical reality. Her Cure Cancer Australia and Can Too funded research is focused on understanding how scientists can support the human body to do it. In particular, she’s interested in a “subset” of cells known as natural killers (NK) which help the immune system to reject tumours.

The Can Too Foundation has invested in 24 researchers who are improving outcomes for cancer patients since 2005.