Investing in Cancer Research


Skin cancers will affect

13,941 families

in Australia this year.

Can Too has invested in

19 researchers

working on skin cancers.

In 2020 Can Too is funding research by Dr Kelly Brooks. 

Can Too Cancer Research Skin Cancers

Skin cancer patients have

90% survival rate

thanks to cancer research.

What Are Skin Cancers?

Can Too’s investment into skin cancer research has lead Dr Fernando Guimaraes on a quest to identify “breakthrough” science that can stimulate the body’s immune system to beat cancer – awakening what he believes to be the potential cure that’s inside everyone. Dr Guimaraes’ project is a continuation of previous research in which he aims to translate his widely published findings in laboratory models of melanoma.

Melanoma occurs when abnormal cells in the skin grow in an uncontrolled way with close to 14,000 people diagnosed each year and why the Can Too Foundation has invested in 12 research projects since 2005.

"My career goal is to become an independent research leader, understanding how the immune system can control metastasis and translating findings into treatments.”

Dr Fernando Guimaraes, Skin Cancer Researcher