Dr Tao Liu

Children's Cancer Institute of Australia

Targeted therapy against neuroblastoma due to TERT oncogene rearrangement

Investigating a new targeted treatment for neuroblastoma. Can Too funded Dr Tao Liu's research in 2007, 2018 and 2021. 

Professor Liu and his team are investigating how particular proteins affect the development and growth of tumours in children with TERT-rearranged neuroblastoma. In this study, the team will examine the role of a protein called CDK7. They also aim to explore how best to target and inhibit the action of this protein to stop cancer cell growth.

Understanding the processes that lead to cancer is critical to developing targeted treatments that have the best chance of curing disease while minimising side effects. This project will provide vital evidence on the development of TERT-rearranged neuroblastoma and how best to target it, which they hope will lead to much needed clinical trials for this devastating children’s cancer.