Tips And Tricks For Training In The Rain

by Pete Sharp 06 Mar 2017

Yes, you'll get wet if it rains. Get dry & warm asap after training. Make sure you bring spare clothes and a towel and whatever you do don't wear cotton!

On a rainy Saturday morning, as you lie under the doona of your cosy warm bed, please put things into perspective. You signed up to fundraise for cancer research. There are thousands of people around the globe with chemo burning through their veins at that very moment you hit snooze — what wouldn't they give to be in your position? — Get up.

  1. Don't think too hard about the weather. The weatherman is sometimes wrong. If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll basically never exercise except for a couple days in April. Sure, take precautions if it's going to be extreme. E.g. in the heat — slow down, go earlier in the day or swap to a treadmill inside with aircon. When it’s cold — add layers, go later in the day. Don't run in electrical storms. If you really hate the rain, add a cap and a light spray jacket.
  2. Water makes things slippery, so slow down a bit and be sure of your footing. In particular, watch out for metal grates/man-hole covers.
  3. Rain is good for the complexion! Skin is waterproof! You are not made of sugar, so fear not — you will not dissolve. Your orange Can Too singlet has magical properties woven into the fabric that will help you survive.
  4. Bring a full change of clothes. Get warm and dry asap. Organise this on Friday nights so you don't forget stuff. Include a towel and a plastic bag for wet gear. In this sort of weather, I love having a pair of thongs. When it's colder, putting ugg boots on after a miserable run will warm both your feet and your heart.
  5. Cotton will chafe, do not wear it. It won't be fun. You'll get used to it on the run, then forget about it, then scream in pain when you shower at home. If you have issues with skin chafing, try some BodyGlide or Vaseline on those areas.
  6. How to dry shoes 101: put an old newspaper in your bag the night before. After your run, remove the inner soles. Scrunch up a page or two and stick it in each shoe. Let it soak up the water. Put your shoes somewhere dry and warm inside. Change newspaper a few times until dry. Don't put your shoes directly in front of a heater.
  7. If you're someone who runs with their phone, put it inside a ziplock bag. If in doubt, leave the phone behind.
  8. Keep your feet dry for as long as you can, but sometimes you have no choice but to run through a newly formed river. From then on, puddles are fair game and lots of fun!

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