You did it – you ran into spring and turned 2020 around

21 Sep 2020

Thank you to the over 150 Can Tooers who completed their Run into Spring program. Congratulations on achieving your running goal, from 10 to 21km and raising nearly $108,000 for cancer research and turning what has been a challenging year to one of pride and achievement.

This was a very different Can Too goal rather than a mass start goal event at the Blackmores Running Festival each Pod achieved their goal in locations across Sydney from Centennial Park to Pyrmont, Kissing Point to Narrabeen, over both days on the weekend.

The sense of camaraderie, support and achievement was as great as ever, or even more to show that we Can Too complete goals despite the imposed restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic on events.

Can Too Chair, Anne Massey (pictured below) ran with the East Pod on Saturday and was amazed by the smiles, the support, the camaraderie, and the overwhelming feeling of achievement.

“Being part of something bigger than ourselves was so special,” said Anne.

“Our unique model works and our community is strong, because of all of you.

“You have all played such an important role in bringing our community back to life with the first program after the initial lockdown period and I thank you from my heart. The last six months have not been easy for any of us and you are so appreciated and valued for the incredible job you have done in nurturing Can Too through this period."

Can Too Founder, Annie Crawford (pictured below far right) who ran with the Northern Beaches Pod on Sunday said that it was such a thrilling morning as if we had been at Blackmores. 

“Everyone was nervous, excited, and ready to run. Everybody gave 100 per cent and couldn’t have tried harder, couldn’t have pushed further, with nothing left in the tank.

“The Coaches, Team Captains and Mentors gave 100 per cent too to make the Run into Spring program one to remember.

“It was so incredible to watch and to be a part of. I had the same high that I have after all our goal events.”

It was great to also see the Orange Can Too panda make an appearance cheering on Can Tooers at Circular Quay.

A special mention to our youngest Can Too participant 16-year-old Moses Yacoub from the East Pod and to Robyn Gee for completing her first run program which went swimmingly after completing five swim programs.

A big thank you to all the fundraising stars, please see the list below, who have reached their fundraising goals, this is especially appreciated in such a tough economic climate.

Thank you for turning Sydney orange in a sea of positivity over the weekend and raising much needed funds for Australian cancer research and prevention.

Thank you to the Run into Spring Fundraising Stars*


Alex Baum Jacqui Gordon Helena Murphy
Liz Blyth Emma Graham Jacqui O'Donnell
Leigh Brennan Kylie Harrison Debbie O'Flynn
Luke Browne Leanne Hartley Penny Owens
Lily Bryant Sharon Head Shachi Parikh
Tia Bryant Karen Hughes Marie Phillips
Ashley Byron Edith Hurt Georgia Polner
Verity Cash Christopher Jones Anastasiya Potapenko
Jade Cohen Karen Jones-Gudmunson Sharmila Raju
Kirsty Conlon Penny Joseph David Robertson
Mark Conlon John Kennedy Kayleigh Rumbelow
Bruce Corby Sabine Kilsby Kim Smee
Jane Daly Teresa Law Megan Smith
Debasish Dash Narelle Lee Fiona Smyth
Leigh Davison Andrew Lewy Caroline Snelling
Ruth De Rosa Nia Llewelyn Natasha Sullivan
Elizabeth Denney-Wilson Jona Lucas Kate Thomas
Samantha Dunn TJ Jnr Mahoni James Thompson
Rebecca Dunn William Martyr Sarah Waldron
Niall Faber Naomi McDonald Linda Wilson
Rebecca Furrer Anne Moller Hany Yacoub
Robby Gee Sinead Motherway Elizabeth Zaki
Natalie Gilan


Donna Armstrong Karen Marais Georgia Sheil
Suzi Colless Rhea Nair Marcia Adie Stanton
Richard Evans Nicole Papasinos Catherine Sulman
Jan Howard Lorenzo Poletto Mel Ware
Nicole Jolliffe Lisa robinson Angela Williams
Kirk Koelmeyer Yashika Rupaliya Moses Yacoub
Dani Lombard


Sharon Bresler Rupali Janbandhu Jennie Star
Nicola Clemens Sharon Lowndes Angie Stevenson
Christa Heymans Shilo Poynting Sally Strautins
Laurie Ingleton Anne Sinclair

*Valid at time of report generated at 9:30am 14/10/20

To view a slideshow of images from the Run into Spring goal runs please click on the arrow next to the photos below.