Fundraising Fact Sheet

by Can Too Foundation 27 Jan 2017

Can Too Quick Facts

Can Too has trained over 14,500 participants in runs, ocean swims, triathlons and trail runs.

Can Too's participants have raised over $19.5 Million for cancer research.

Our community has engaged over 350,000 supporters since 2005.

The Can Too Foundation has provided enough funding for 147 researchers.


Where Your Fundraising Goes

The Can Too Foundation funds early career researchers across all cancer areas.

With only 12% of eligible research receiving funding, we need the support of everyday people to help fund cancer research*.

These researchers are making great strides:

- The first researcher the Can Too Foundation funded in 2005, Megan Hitchens, has recently discovered the genetic link to bowel cancer.

- Dr Phoebe Phillips is unlocking the potential to treat pancreatic cancer.

- A/Prof Mike Doran is developing new technology to save lives.

- Professor Neil Watkins is refining a new targeted therapy for bone sarcomas.

- Dr Patsy Soon is stopping breast cancer in its tracks.

Cancer & Health in the Community

1:2 men and 1:3 women will get cancer in their lifetime.

1/3 of all cancers have lifestyle causes (eg inactivity, obesity, melanoma, smoking).

Research shows exercise helps reduce risk of 13 cancers including breast, endometrial and colon cancers. † 


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* NHMRC published study of research funding statistics and data

† JAMA published study quoted by American Institute of Cancer Research.

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