Spotlight on Coach Gordon Spence

16 Feb 2022

Gordy has a passion for running. Whilst he’s done more road running than anything else (7 marathons, 24 half marathons), he also enjoys the challenge of shorter distances on the track and adores running on the forest and bush trails of the Central Coast. 


But running is more than just a pastime for Gordy, it’s a key focus of his career. In 2018, after spending 16 years working as an organisational psychologist, Gordy returned to study and commenced a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.


His aim? To fuse psychology with exercise science and focus on people returning to physical activity and exercise in their 30s, 40s and 50s (a.k.a. mid-life). Indeed, this is the focus of his new book: Get Moving. Keep Moving! Healthy Ageing and How Physical Activity Loves You Back.


As a Level II Athletics Australia run coach, Gordy is committed to helping novice (and returning) runners to develop a love of the sport. He does that by taking an interest in the goals of pod members, keeping things as fun as possible, and sharing all he’s learnt about running over the years, including some of his more notable mistakes.


"Running is an adventure best enjoyed with others! So, let’s do that!!"