Everyone Can Too!

01 Apr 2020

The best lifestyle changes do not happen overnight but if you have the right support and goal in mind, then these changes are more than possible. At the Can Too Foundation we can help you not just improve your fitness but you will be able to do so while raising funds for research and reduce your own risk of cancer. Our training programs provide a safe, fun and supportive backdrop to achieve some incredible feats. Whether you are a regular runner or not, we have events and challenges to suit every skill level. From our beginner’s programs to even being able to become a Coach or a leader, at Can Too Foundation we believe that everyone Can Too so we want to help you get the best out your training program and your life as well. We are always looking for people to help out, take on challenges, work in the office, volunteer for events- you name it, we have a place for everybody. Raising funds for cancer research has never been so easy or fulfilling. Whether you want to use our Can Too training program as an incentive to improve your health or fitness, while doing a good deed, or want to get more involved with the foundation, we welcome everybody with open arms. Our goal is to raise as much money for cancer research while fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. From sponsorship, taking part or direct community engagement, Can Too Foundation is a place for everybody to come together to not just achieve their own goals but to work together for a common goal.

Setting and Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Everybody at some stage in their life makes a goal that surrounds fitness. Whether it be completing that five kilometre run, competing in a triathlon or just wanting to improve their overall health and fitness, setting goals is an important way to inspire a lifestyle change. While setting a goal can keep you motivated at the start, more often than not setbacks happen and that can leave people giving up prematurely. This is why it is important to set not only the right goals but provide yourself with all the tools to help you achieve them. It is easy to give up when you do not have something tangible to work to so finding an event or date to look forward to like a marathon or fun run, is a great way to keep focused. Having a set training program is another way make sure you stay on track. A solid training program not only gives you a roadmap to success, it can also help you stay inspired by offering small goals to be completed along the way. Perhaps the most important thing though to achieve your fitness goals is to have an adequate support system. That way if you do feel like throwing in the towel or finding it harder to stay on track, you have somebody in your corner cheering you on every step of the way. That is why a Can Too Foundation training program and events are such a great way to kickstart your fitness goals. By offering you an event to work towards, a consistent training program to follow and a facilitating an environment based on support and inclusion, no matter what your fitness goals are or your skill level is, there is sure to be a Can Too program or event that will keep you focused and achieving great things. Check our website for our upcoming schedule and get started as soon as possible.
The Importance of Being Active

We all hear the reports, on how being active is beneficial to our health but why exactly is it so important? In today’s lifestyle, the majority of us lead rather sedentary lifestyles. We sit down in cars and public transport to get to work, where we often sit for most of the day at a desk and then come home to sit on a couch. Chances are, you may spend a lot more time sitting down than standing up and walking around. With sitting being considered the new smoking, issues like back and neck problems, headaches, obesity and other side effects of sitting down for too long can take a toll on our health. Being active regularly can help strengthen the bones, the muscles, the heart and can help you rectify common issues that come from sitting down all day. Not only is being active great for the health of your body, it does wonders for your mind as well. Exercise helps endorphins be released through the body, so it can have a positive effect on your mood. Moving more means tiring out your body more, which in turn can also help with sleep. Overall having a training program or an incentive to move more is beneficial to your health; helping you lead a longer, healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle.