Welcome to our new Chair of the Can Too Foundation

by Annie Crawford AM 22 Mar 2018

Dear Community, 

It seems slightly strange to be writing this email, however, I need to share with you that I have made the decision to step away from being the Chair of the Can Too Foundation from June this year.

It seems the right thing to do for me personally and I am proud to say that the Can Too Foundation no longer needs me in the same way as it has in the past. The community is so strong and committed that the true essence of Can Too is held by every one of you who share my passion and love of Can Too.

I will always be the Founder so I will still be running, swimming, hiking and participating in Event Days. I've had an amazing thirteen years that has transformed my life and I am so grateful for what Can Too has given me since 2005.

It is with pleasure that I announce that our new Chair from June will be the wonderful, passionate, Anne Massey. Anne has been with Can Too since 2009, participating in multiple run, swim, triathlon and trail programs, and she has experience as a Mentor and Champion. She was a dedicated Committee member prior to us becoming the Can Too Foundation and has been a Director since then.

There will be no other changes to our incredibly committed board. I know that with our new CEO Peter McLean at the helm, our incredible office team and an even more amazing group of Can Tooers, donors and supporters, the Foundation will continue to flourish and grow. I know it will go from success to success.

I look forward to watching the growth from the swimming pool, running track and on hikes. Please know, I will not be a stranger.

Warm regards and see you soon,
Annie Crawford

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