Spotlight on Can Too running coach Tim Locke

by Emma Brown 20 Aug 2020
Running Training Program

Tim Locke (pictured above far right) is a running, strength and conditioning coach. He trains recreational runners of all abilities and levels of experience. 


Current Can Too role: Coaching the Trail Program 2020


How you CAN TOO complete a trail run race: embrace the process and appreciate where you are, trail running is a totally different environment to what you’d normally be in.  


Why trail running? I just like being away from it all, being able to be in the bush and in the mountains, the ability to see new places and get there via my own power. I like the feeling of freedom being away from the city, I like space. 


The highlights of my running career are: winning the 2016 Great North Walk 100 Mile (from near Newcastle to Patonga) in the 3rd fastest time on record of 21 hours. Also winning the 2018 Great North Walk 100km in the 2nd fastest time on record of 10 hours and placing equal second at the 2017 Great Southern Endurance Run, 181kms through the Victoria Alpine. 


What I love about coaching: I like taking people to places that they never thought possible in terms of building confidence, ability and fitness, getting them to do things they didn’t think they could. Also being part of the Can Too community and getting the group to connect. As running is often done solo it’s great to meet people from different walks of life, jobs and history.  

Originally from: Tamworth 

I’m listening to: The National (band from US) and hip hop, my neighbor from Triple J’s hip hop show lets me know the latest releases.  


Favourite book: Clockwork Orange.  


What I eat pre-race: simple toast.  


During a race: gels and I drink Red Bull and Coke in the later stages. 


Go to meal post-race: pizza. 


Perfect weekend: a good long run in the mountains and then rest at the beach. 


Lives: Centennial Park, Woollahra in Sydney 


Age: 34 


Talent I wish I had: to be able to teleport to different places to avoid the process of travel unnecessarily. 


I’m inspired by: people with grit, who don’t necessarily have talent but put in the hard work and knock out the training. 



Advice for training: ask yourself does your run training session have a purpose? Find out more