International marathons released

09 Nov 2018

Our annual survey showed you want greater input when choosing international destinations, and more advanced notice, to allow more of you to join these experiences. 

In response to your feedback we’ve been asking Can Toorists like you where they want to go on their next fitness and fundraising adventure. 

Hundreds of people responded, and the results are surprising yet unequivocal: you want a mix of fun and serious, exclusive and accessible, bucket list and family-friendly. 

You choose the following events, as a community, and the schedule reflects your desire for more lead time ahead of big destination events: 

Tokyo was in very high demand – and is on our radar for 2021. We’d love to train for Tokyo earlier but we’d start training for Tokyo literally this week and London (which was our runaway winner overall) training overlaps in the same season in 2020. C’est la vie! 

What happens to all the other choices? Toward the end of next month, when we open registrations for New York Marathon 2019, I’ll be announcing three key initiatives to empower even more people to get fit, healthy, and fund cancer research. 

So please keep an eye out for these, and other, important updates.

With regards,

Peter McLean

Chief Executive Officer
Can Too Foundation

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