Shark Island Beach Goal Event

24 Jan 2024

CanToo's Event Schedule for Shark Island

Please ensure you arrive at least an hour to 90 minutes prior to the start of your event. 


7:00am - 1km swimmers collect their timing band from registration marquee
7:45am - 1km CanToo welcome
7:50am - CanToo coaches briefing and group photo
8:00am - warm-up swim
8:15am - event safety briefing
8:30am - 1km event start


8:30am - 2.3km swimmers collect their timing band from registration marquee
9:45am - 2.3km CanToo welcome
9:50am - CanToo coaches briefing and group photo
9:30am - warm-up swim
9:45am - event safety briefing
10:30am - 2.3km event start

After your swim, CanToo invites to you join post-swim celebrations at the CanToo Tent at Cronulla Beach grass area. There will be plenty of yummy snacks for everyone to enjoy.

How to get to Cronulla Beach

  • We recommend carpooling, there will be many cars driving up to Cronulla Beach and parking is limited
  • Cronulla train station is a short walk from the beach. You can check the event website for more details. 

A few hot tips to help you prepare!

  • Get your bag organised the night before, create a checklist for yourself to ensure you have everything you might need.
  • We recommend not trying a different breakfast meal - stick with what works for your body to ensure you have a 'happy' stomach. 
  • When you arrive at Cronulla Beach, to start studying the surf as you do at every CanToo coached beach session. Have a look where the buoys are placed. 
  • Be ready for the coaches briefing and pre-race warm up to clear any jitters. This is the time to test your goggles are clean and snug. 
  • If you are starting in a later wave, try to limit your sun exposure and stay hyrdrated.