Can Too Community Spirit Awards

by Emma Brown 13 Feb 2020

To celebrate the Can Too Community Spirit we are hosting the Can Too Community Spirit Awards on Thursday 27 February and are calling for nominations.

The awards will celebrate the Can Too Community and shining examples of our values in action – Inspire, Engage, Support and Empower.

Please join us:

  • When: Thursday 27 February, 6:30pm
  • Where: The Occidental Hotel, 43 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Nominations are now open

We’re asking you, our community, to nominate Can Tooers, participants, coaches and members of the leadership team who you believe live these values or someone who simply shows the Can Too Spirit, such as:

  • A Can Tooer who has inspired you to reach your Can Too goal?
  • A Mentor who has empowered you to reach your fundraising target?
  • A Coach who has made you laugh to keep going on race day by wearing the most orange?
  • A Mentor that’s encouraged you at your training sessions and cheered you across the finish line at your goal event?

Please share your shining examples of the Can Too Community Spirit and nominate a Can Tooer today:, nominations close: Monday 24 February.

See the below video for a great example of Can Too Spirit by Adrienne Harmann and Daniel Duemmer for helping Robby Gee across the finish line at her Balmoral 2019 goal swim. 

Congratulations to those who have been nominated so far: 

We’re aiming to celebrate the achievements of all our people, like Matt Joyce (pictured below), who has received a flood of nominations so far, including this one: 

“Matt truly embraces all things Orange. He wears more Orange than anyone I have met in my life time and engages and warmly welcomes the diverse group and individual talents of those who join the Mighty Mac Pod Orange Army.  

“He is amazing and has a true Can Too attitude and spirit through and through. I've only known him for 2 years, am almost twice his age, yet he has taught me so much beyond the physical journey of preparing for half marathons but the importance of the journey in getting there. I blame him for just entering my 4th half marathon in 2 years! He has taught me self-belief and the importance of investing in myself to help others battling their journey of Cancer.”