Closet Cleanout Fundraising Event

by Alana Black 02 Nov 2017

Friends and family donate pre-loved, good quality clothes in great condition to sell and raise money for Can Too. They then have the opportunity to take home “new to them” clothes all for only an entrance fee.

How does the event work?

With spring or a new season looming, you can give your friends the perfect excuse to go through their wardrobe and donate to you!

Ask people to:

  • De-clutter
  • Make room for the new season
  • Recycle any 'mistakes' with a guilt-free conscience
  • Let go of any clothes that don't fit anymore
  • Clear out any handbags, jewellery, shoes, adults or kids clothing.

Invite your guests to pick up as many “new” designer threads all for only the entrance fee. HOT TIP: Try to make the event nil cost to you and ask for food and wine to be donated by a local business.

How long should the event go for?

Try to hold your event on an evening or afternoon for approximately 3 hours. Sunday from 4 - 7 pm has worked well from previous events.

How much should I charge for the event?

Charge a one-off entrance fee of between $20 and $50. This includes as much as they want to take with them & maybe a glass of wine and finger food.

You can easily track ticket sales and revenue by creating an event with Humanitix who donate booking fees back to Can Too or you can ask for ticket sales to go to your fundraising page.

By having a raffle or auction on the night, you can maximise your fundraising!

  • Offer 3 tickets for $5 or 7 tickets for $10.This ensures maximum uptake of raffle tickets and makes people feel as if they are getting a lot for their money
  • Ask your local bottle shop, butcher, newsagent, hairdresser etc for a prize donation


6 or more weeks before:

  • Ask friends for donations, telling them that for their beautiful clothes you will be running / swimming/cycling for Can Too. I, eally ask them to bring them to you so you are not running around collecting all the clothes
  • Secure your venue, it might be at home, in a church hall, yoga studio

4 weeks before:

  • Beg, borrow (not steal) clothes racks to display your donated items
  • Find a couple of full-length mirrors
  • Work out how to create a changing area – 3-way folding screens work
  • Ask local businesses for donations of prizes for the raffle

2 weeks before:

  • Remind friends for donations and date of the event
  • Organise catering from a local business or wine shop
  • Ask a friend to help collect admission and sell raffle tickets

1 week before:

  • Make sure you have the clothes rails and mirrors

Day Before:

  • Start setting up the clothes on the rack by sizes if you can get into the space. If not, this can be done on the morning of the event

Day of the Event Checklist!

  • Clothes
  • Clothes Racks, mirrors, screens
  • Collect the catering if it is being provided
  • Have glasses for the wine/drinks
  • Paper serviettes for the finger food
  • MONEY! Change for the admission and raffle tickets
  • Raffle books & Prizes


  • If you have leftover clothes, why not book a market stall at Glebe or Kirribilli Markets 
  • If you have a friend who is a stylist or fashionista who can help you “sell” your clothes. Advising guests honestly on what might look good on them is extra value for your guests and also your friend if it is their business.

Thank everyone after the event for their donations and their attendance, telling them how much you raised for Can Too!!