You Can Too achieve 21k’s in 3 days

by Emma Brown 31 Aug 2020
Running Training Program

Can Too Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our first Virtual Challenge. Your goal is to achieve 21k’s in 3 days.

You can run, swim, cycle or walk to achieve 21k’s in 3 days between Friday 18 and Sunday 20 September. In fact, as long as you are exercising, you can cover the distance however you want. It’s up to your imagination.

We’ve chosen these dates to coincide with Can Too’s Run into Spring goal run weekend. Now you Can Too achieve a goal on this weekend.

To complete the 21k’s in 3 days Virtual Challenge upload your training data to Can Too’s Strava group and join the Strava event. It’s that easy. This is a free virtual event with no fundraising commitment or registration fees.

Start your training today. During the training period we recommend at least 60 mins of your chosen exercise three times a week.

Please share your training photos to Can Too’s Virtual Facebook and Strava groups. 

Why not invite a friend to join you to encourage each other to achieve your goal. And remember to give plenty of kudos to encourage your fellow Can Too Virtual Challenge Athletes.

Find some inspiration on how to get started with Can Too Coach James Constantine’s tips on how to train to run a half marathon distance, but remember, you’ll have three days to complete this distance.   

To find out more about Can Too and how you can achieve a goal you once thought impossible watch this video.

You can find the Virtual Challenges Terms and Conditions here.

And you can buy Can Too discounted training gear here.

Good luck with your training.



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