Can Too Loyalty & Referral Discounts 2017

by Marty Pinkstone 04 Jan 2017

Can Too was founded on a strong sense of community and mutual support. We deliver every program on our ethos of “fun, fitness, friends, and fundraising”. We believe in giving back, and rewarding the hard work of our amazing and inspiring individuals.


Our Referral Program

In August 2018 we launched a new super-simple, no-risk, refer-a-friend policy.


Can Too Fundraising Hall of Fame

Can Too recognises the amazing achievements of our most dedicated fundraisers through our Hall of Fame.

  • Hall of Fame Inductee ($5,000)
  • Hall of Fame Champion ($10,000 - $15,000)
  • Hall of Fame Legend ($20,000 – $45,000)
  • Hall of Fame Hero ($50,000 - $95,000)
  • Hall of Fame Sensation ($100,000)
  • Hall of Fame Super-Sensation ($100,000+)

For everyone $5,000 you fundraise, we recognise you with a certificate!


Can Too Loyalty Program

We recognise the commitment of our amazing, inspiring fundraisers with significant discounts on their fundraising. There are currently three levels of Guru Status:

Guru 5 – completed 5 programs. Receive 50% fundraising discount on 6th program only.

Guru 10 – completed 10 programs. Receive 100% fundraising discount on 11th program only.

Guru 15 – completed 15 programs. Receive 100% fundraising discount on all training from 16th program onward.





Guru 5

5 Programs


Sixth program only

Guru 10

10 Programs


Eleventh program only

Guru 15

15 Programs


Sixteenth program onward

The Fine Print – Loyalty Program

From 1 January 2017 the following conditions apply.

Guru Status discounts automatically apply to your sixth program (50% off), eleventh program (100% off), and from your sixteenth program (100% off) onward.

Guru Status discounts can’t be held over for future programs.

You can only apply one fundraising discount per program.

Guru Status discounts apply to the minimum fundraising commitment only. Any registration fee relevant for that program must be paid before you start training.

Programs completed as a Team Captain, Mentor, or Champion, are included when calculating your Guru Status. Unfortunately participation in Can Too Beyond and our Corporate programs are not included when calculating Guru Status.

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