IWD: Thank you to the women who have guided me

09 Mar 2020

For International Women’s Day, we asked Jennie Star, (pictured above right), who is a Can Too Community Spirit Award Winner and a regular Team Captain and Mentor, to reflect on what the special day means to her.

As an “older” woman, I am also a “stronger” woman for my life’s experiences, and I am incredibly grateful to many women who have had an impact on me over the years.

My mother always taught me the right values in life, respect and kindness were at the top, and these are values that I have successfully passed on to my children and continue to practice daily.

To my circle of girlfriends who support me continually some of whom I’ve known for many years, we laugh together, and at times we cry together, but most importantly we stick together.

I am blessed with some incredible female role models, women whose footsteps are easy to follow, women who are my strength when I’m struggling, women who transmit a natural aura of light.