4 Steps To Overcoming Stage Fright, Nerves & Mastering Your Breathing

by Paul Myatt 21 Aug 2017
  1. Remain Calm – Do Breathing Exercises

Take some time before you go onstage to do deep breathing exercises. Slowly breathe in for four counts and out for four counts all through your nose. Each time, try to relax and control your breathing, so you can get to a higher number of breaths each time.

This breathing exercise is called Sama Vritti or “Equal Breathing”. The practice of focusing on your breath not only relaxes you but the counting will help take your mind off going on stage.

  1. Avoid Caffeine

You may feel that you need a buzz to get you energised for your performance. But, caffeinated drinks will only increase your heart rate and make you feel more agitated and anxious.

Other things to avoid include salt, fast food & sugar.

  1. Be Prepared

A lot of anxiety can come from not knowing your songs properly. If you are well rehearsed and fully prepared, this will help boost your confidence before you perform live. But also remember that mistakes happen. Audiences are a lot more forgiving than you think. Just go out there and do your best.

  1. Be Positive

A great way to learn how to get over stage fright is to be positive with yourself. Tell yourself that you’re going to do a great job and that the audience will love you. Compliment yourself on the hard work you put in to get to this point – and believe it.

If you are projecting self-confidence, the audience will believe it – and you will start to aswell.