Our Refer-A-Friend Policy (It's Awesome)

23 Aug 2018

You’re one of our greatest brand ambassadors, and we want to thank you.

Our community survey showed that, as a community, you want to be able to train with Can Too more often, and make it easier for your friends to train with you.

In response to your feedback, we’ve simplified our refer-a-friend policy.

For registrations received, we will reward you with 25% off your fundraising for every first-timer you sign up for a Can Too training program.

When registering for a program we’ll be asking who referred participants to Can Too. For every first-timer that puts your name down, you’ll get 25% off your fundraising, for you to use within the next two years.

Four examples of how easy it is:

  • 1 first-timer introduced = 25% reward.
  • 2 first-timers introduced = 50% reward.
  • 3 first-timers introduced = 75% reward.
  • 4 first-timers introduced = no need to fundraise.

If you legitimately get nominated by 12 first-timers this year, then you won’t have to fundraise for your next 3 programs, as long as they start in the next two years!

Five extra ways we’ve made extra easy to claim your reward.

1. You can use multiple discounts.

You’ve introduced two first-timers, which gives you 50% off your next training program.

2. You can train in different programs.

You’re both doing Run into Summer, but you’re training for the half marathon while your friend trains with us for their first 10km run. You get a 25% reward for getting them moving and funding cancer research.

3. You can train in different events.

You sign up a family member to Sydney Ocean Swim as a first-time Can Tooer, but you're going to train for Run Into Summer Half Marathon. You get a 25% reward for introducing them.

4. You can train in different states.

You’re training for the Run into Summer Marathon while your friend in Brisbane trains for the GC50 as a first-time Can Tooer. You get a 25% reward for introducing them.

5. You can train in different years.

You trained for Blackmores last year but are taking this year off to look after the kids while your partner trains for Blackmores as their first race. You get a 25% reward for introducing them which you have two years to claim.

Circumstances where you won’t get a reward:

  • If you wait more than two years to claim your reward, it will expire.
  • If the first-timer does not nominate you when they register, you won't get a reward.
  • If the first-timer has registered for a Can Too program previously, regardless of whether they completed that program, you won't get a reward.
  • If the first-timer is registering for, or previously registered for, Can Too Beyond, a Huma Charity Challenge, a Can Too Corporate program, or a Can Too 'Run For Free' offer, you won't get a reward.

How/When Your Reward Is Applied.

In week four of training we process all of the refer-a-friend submissions, and for those who are eligible, apply the rewards to your current program as a thank you for helping more people get fit and healthy.

Your fundraising page will reflect the new fundraising commitment amount and your Team Captain will be aware of any rewards that apply.

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