How to Set Up Your Fundraising Page

by Fi Moran 26 Oct 2016

Setting up your fundraising page is easy and an essential part of your fundraising journey!

This is where you will direct all of your potential sponsors – so you want to make sure your fundraising page inspires them to donate!

Think about it: if you were considering donating to someone else's fundraising request and you were directed to a page without an image or personal message, would you want to donate, or have the confidence that you were donating to the right person?

People are visual and are much more likely to donate if they can see pictures and messages outlining what their donation will mean to you!

To help you on your way we have put together 9 simple steps to setting up your fundraising page!

Note: Your fundraising tally will only show donations received after we became Can Too Foundation in 2014.  If you completed Can Too programs prior to 2014, simply tell people in your blog how much you've raised so far!


1. Log In To Your Fundraising Page

  • In the right top corner of the Can Too website select LOGIN
  • Enter your email address and password you used to register for the program


2. Upload Your Profile Picture

  • Select My page
  • Select Upload Profile Image
  • Select Save Changes once you have uploaded your profile picture


3. Finding Your Fundraising URL

  • Select My page
  • Your Fundraising page URL is plus your username (mine is FiMoran). For example
  • To change your URL adjust the name currently in Your Fundraising page url 
  • Select Save Changes


4. Increase Your Fundraising Target

  • Select My page
  • Under Increase Your Fundraising target enter your New target (eg $5,000)
  • Increasing your fundraising target can help boost support from your potential donors. If you don't meet your increased fundraising target don't worry, you only need to meet your minimum fundraising commitment for the program.
  • Save Changes


5. Change Your Personal Details

  • Select My Account
  • Edit your personal details
  • Select Save Changes



6. Upload Images To Your Gallery

  • Go to My Gallery
  • Select Upload Image
  • Select an image you wish to upload
  • Add an optional Title or Image Text. You can leave this blank if you like.
  • Select Add Image
  • Your picture has now been saved to Your Training Gallery


7. Email Sponsors Via Your Fundraising Page

  • Select My Emails
  • Select from templates: Ask for support, Thank Sponsors or create your own email
  • Ask for support templates automatically adds your fundraising page url into the body of the email, so sponsors can be directed straight to your Fundraising Page.
  • Either send the email as is or add some extra personalisation.



8. Thank Sponsors Via Email

  • Go to My Sponsors
  • Find the sponsor you wish to thank
  • Select Send Email 

  • Write your thank you email or select the Thank Sponsors template 



9. Thank Sponsors Via Facebook

  • Go to My Sponsors
  • Find the sponsor you wish to thank
  • Select Thank on Facebook
  • A Post to Facebook pop up window will appear.
  • Add a personal thank you & tag the sponsor into your post
  • Post to Facebook



Trouble Shooting

My old facebook image keeps appearing when I try to share my blog - how do I fix this?

  • Select My Page
  • Copy your Fundraising URL
  • Go to facebook for developers
  • Paste your Fundraising URL into the Input URL
  • Select Fetch new scrape information
  • Now go back to your Fundraising Page and f share your blog.


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